Friday, June 25, 2021

A bunch of NEW products!

 Over the past couple of months I've been a busy girl... creating some super cool new products to make all our quilty lives a little easier.  Here's a bit about each one -- they are all available on the website.

CC RULERS the CC stands for continuous curve and if you're anything like me your continuous curves don't always look exactly the same.  Now they can!  Four shapes on each ruler (CC Arc, CC Angle, and CC Contour) and in two sizes (2" and 4") - available in a bunch of different options!

Here's a quick little video: 

INNIE-OUTIE OGEE - MOD SERIES OMG if you don't already know my most favorite shape is the Ogee... and while I've had Ogee rulers for several years now, these are new and improved and a super modern shaped ogee!  Each side is actually two different shapes - available in Even and Odd, or Full Sets!

Here's the Innie-Outie Ogee MOD Series video: 

EDGES the are for marking/drawing only.  But oh wow, the things you can do with them!  Available in 5 different sets - each set has sizes from 5"-16".

Here's a little introduction to Edges: 

I've so excited to share these with all of you - go check them out.  And, there's lots more new stuff coming - I'll share when I can!

Saturday, June 5, 2021


If you follow my blog you might have clicked the Follow By Email widget that used to be on the side bar.  It was a great feature... every time I made a new blog post it would send you an email - brilliant, right?   Well... according to Blogger that feature is being put out to pasture in the next few weeks.  As a result, you'll have two options: 

Option 1 check back here often to see what's new or what you might have missed

Option 2 Visit my website and enter your email in the WANT UPDATES box and press Update Me!  

If you choose option 2 you can be prepared to receive a little newsletter type email.  I try to only send stuff once a month (at most) because no one actually likes being slammed with excessive emails.  The newsletter keeps you in the know on what's happened here on my Client blog, my quilt artist blog, and also any new products or big news I might have.  And, if receiving them every so often gets to be too much, you always have the option to unsubscribe at any time.