Saturday, June 29, 2019

New Digital Design!!

I've just finished a new digital quilt design for the Lumina Feathered Star and it is beautiful!  Many thanks to my friend Jodi who stitched them all out to make sure they were perfect for all of you!

It consists of 19 individual patterns (some used in reverse) - they are available individually OR as a set on Gammill's Pattern Cloud.  If you're having problems finding the SET, follow the instructions below.  You actually save money purchasing the entire set.

Start out at

Click on SHOP

Then click on BUY PATTERN SETS

There is also a layout sheet for downloading

So go check them out!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Exciting News!

So while I was away teaching in Seattle and Portland I received some awesome emails!  And let me tell you, these never get old!

Andromeda Crossing has been accepted to AQS Grand Rapids! 

And email number two was the acceptance of Journeys Thru Art Guild Challenge - Spirals!

Don't you just love happy emails!

Monday, June 10, 2019

May was a blur...

Seriously... did May even happen?  There was so much going on in my little world during May that I barely remember, except for photos!  Aren't they the best - at least for me.  They actually prove that May did happen, and apparently I participated!

So let's rewind back to the beginning - 5/1 - that was the first day of Gammill's Quilting with Confidence 2019 Tour - and well, I was a part of it!  I was honored to be on the first three stops -- Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Lubbock.  That was exciting enough on its own, but add in lots of eager students and magic happens -- so much learning and confidence building!  If you want to see oodles of pictures - just check out my Instagram, that's where I put most of the tour pics.

Then a quick stop at home for my old Gammill's spa day... my dealer, Itching for Stitching was out and pampered old Gam so now she's feeling brand new!

Then I snuck over to Florida's west coast and had an awesome time with the Peace River Quilters Guild of Punta Gorda.  The morning I shared a lot of my quilts during the trunk show and then in the afternoon a fills workshop.  What an awesome group of ladies!

And then back to the QWC Tour - next stops were Casper, WY and Pierre, SD.  More awesome students!  I couldn't be happier, being a part of this tour is amazing... watching that spark when a student tries something new... and gets it!  It is the most awesome part of being an educator!!

Another perk of being on the tour is if you wake up at an hour before dark-thirty on travel day you might get to squeeze in a super-fast speed version of sightseeing.  Jodi and I did just that, on our way to Pierre, we swung through Badlands National Park -- and even at super speed mode, it was incredible!  If you want to see some fantastic pics from that day, check out my photo blog - Peek of Inspiration.

And the day after I got home, the momma came for a visit.  And we started tiling...
I did manage to do one client quilt - it was a t-shirt quilt and the quilting was an all-over meander just to hold things together.  At the very end of the month, I did start on an awesome custom for another client, but it's now the 10th of June and I'm still not finished - Florida rainy season has started with daily thunderstorms.  It won't be finished for another week or so as I'm off again tomorrow touring away...

Stay happy peeps... stitch often!