Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's almost time for AQS - Syracuse!

Can you believe that AQS Syracuse is just shy of 6 weeks away! I am sooooo excited to be teaching with AQS, like crazy excited.

I will be teaching six classes and would love for you to join me. I promise they will be fun, with my attention issues who knows what the plan is.... no really, there is a plan, but number one on the list should always be fun.

To view my classes, just click on the I'm Teaching at Syracuse pic below - it will take you directly to my class page.

So, check them out and maybe sign up for one, two, or more -- I look forward to meeting you and filling your brain with inspiration and ideas! Now, to get busy making up all these wonderful kits.

Oh, and not to drop a tease or anything, but there's more big news about Syracuse, but I'll have to wait to share that...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pelicans progress...

Well, it's slow!  I wanted to work on the Pelicans last weekend, but that thought totally flew to the wayside. I did manage to work on them for about an hour last night during the crazy storm. Here's what happened:

I started tracing the main highlight areas of the water

With my attention issues I got this far

I have to add the pup is severely afraid of thunder so most of my time was spent sitting with her. 

And then cutting the pieces out. I think they resemble wormy spaghetti more than wave highlights

So that's it (for now). Again I'm really hoping to work on the Pelicans this weekend. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pelicans Progress

I haven't done much, except wash, re-wash, and wash again oodles of silks. Yes, there were some serious bleeders in the group. Hopefully they've all been taken care of, if not, it'll add to the excitement later. 

Just to keep all of you lovely peeps in the loop, here's where I'm at -

All of the brown tones are ready and waiting. 

And I just finished marking my main pieces of the brown pelican on my master copy. 

That's about it for now. I'm hoping to get some serious time into this project this weekend.