Friday, March 13, 2015

Journeys Thru Art - Famous Female Faces

The 2015 theme for my art group, Journeys Thru Art, was Famous Female Faces.  You might remember a few of my previous posts about Lucy (if not just type Lucy in the blog search bar).  Well, today was our deadline.  We met for photos and our celebration lunch.  The projects were all so awesome, I just had to share them here:

Lucy (43x53) - Karen Marchetti

Diana (39x38) - Pam Post

Carmen Miranda (31x36) - Marian McCoin

Lady Liberty (38x46) - Natalie Carlton

Mary (36x48) - Nancy Parsons

Pebbles (39x47) Kathy Rentz

Georgia's Pride 949x35) - Nancy Smith

Tina Simply the Best (33x42) - Barbara Lacey
Aren't they just the greatest!! And here is the awesome group of ladies creating these beauties:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MQX - My Quilts and ME!

The other day I received this awesome email from MQX. Nice!

Lucy, my project for this years Journeys Thru Art challenge, was accepted. Awesome! I had been wanting to do a Lucy quilt for a while now, and when Journeys decided on Famous Female Faces I knew I'd be making a Lucy quilt.  I went back and forth between different techniques and kept coming back to using purple. I ordered a yardage bundle of Cherrywood Hand-Dyed Fabrics in the eggplant gradation colorway. My friend asked why I chose purple, and I just blurted out "it was Lucy's favorite color" - I had no idea of this, I was joking. Then my curiosity got the best of me and after a little google research I found out that purple was one of her favorite colors so it turned out pretty cool!
So here's Lucy (I still need to square and put the binding on):

It's a Jungle was also accepted. More awesomeness! It's a Jungle was started eons ago as a bed quilt for my son. I pulled it out and made a serious attempt to finish it for Christmas. Well, that didn't happen, and I guess it's good, because now it gets to go to MQX! It is truly a bed quilt, the pattern is Bound to the Prairie by Moda University. Of course I didn't follow directions and went my own way with colors, or should I say my reduced number of colors. And just wait until you see the backing for this quilt! It's an ice-dye by Sondra Millard/She's Got Mojo. I had sent her pics of my fabrics and she created magic (like she always does). This quilt is still being quilted so these are the only pictures I can share right now:

And do you know who else is going to MQX New England?... ME!  I'll be teaching!!  A couple of my hands-on classes have sold out, and space is limited in my others, so go check it out soon!!  Will I see you there?