Saturday, January 4, 2020

Post Christmas funk

I don't know what it is - I wasn't very festive before Christmas, the week between Christmas and the New Year I barely knew what day it was -- totally unfocused, zero ambition, just a lazy funk.  I'm sure we all get like this sometimes, but it feels like mine has lasted way too long.  I've managed to sit at the computer and work on new class power points but that's about it - nothing creative.

So last night I forced myself to work on something... anything!  I pulled out one of my Magic Mandala samples.  This one was fused, with a straight-stitch around the edges.  No, it's not my favorite method, but it is a sample and needed to be finished.  Okay... load it on the frame and go.  Go find that creativity...  I managed to get most of the mandala stitched.  This morning I finished the last ring of shapes and then did the background.

In the dark grey shapes I used Jodi Robinson's Circle Pop stencil, only using a single circle.  I then stitched around the Circle Pop into a tear drop shape... ahhh, now its a circle drop!  I also incorporated a single Circle Pop in the center.  When I got to the background I tried to emulate the circle pops into my wind and pebble fill.  I think it turned out pretty awesome!

Hoping this little bit of creativity pulls me out of my lazy funk.