Friday, January 10, 2014

World Quilt Show Florida 2014

I'm sure there are a million things I need to share, or at least five (you know how I exaggerate).  Instead, I'm going to share my awesome day.  Today I went to the World Quilt Show Florida with my besties, Nancy and Natalie.  It was a great day, seriously, anytime you can spend the day with your best friends, shopping and looking at quilts, it has to be a great day, right?!!  Here's a link to the awards page on Mancuso's website.

I spent the first two hours of my day white-gloving in the World Quilt exhibit area -- wow!  Get ready for some quilty overload -- here are a bunch of my favorites:



And then this year's amazing SAQA exhibit - these are just a few:

And then on to the Florida Competition:

Best of Show -

Second Place - Congrats to Natalie!

Third Place -

Best Use of Embellishment - 

 Best Machine Workmanship -

Best Use of Color -

 Judges Choice (Jennie Rayment) - Congrats to Eyvonne and me!

Judges Choice (Bobbie Bergquist) - Congrats to me!

And some favorites from the competition: 


And here's my Martin County Quilters Black and White challenge - Down the Rabbit Hole

I still need to head back tomorrow and finish looking at the last few quilts, we just ran out of time today.  Hope you enjoyed this little peek at an awesome show!