Tuesday, March 17, 2020

NEW Multi Grid Marking Stencil!!

So you all know I've had my Magic Mandala stencils for awhile now... well they just got better!  I had created this Multi Grid marking stencil to be used with the mandala stencils.  This way you could increase your rings as well as your shape placements.  Little did I know back when I designed this that I would also be using it for marking regular quilting!  So fast forward to now... I'm working on a border class and said to myself hey, those new Multi Grids would be perfect!  And they are!!!!

Here is the actual stencil - whoa that's a lot of lines... but also a lot of options!  There are more rings as well as more segments.  The rings are numbered from 1-15 if you need a little help.

The stencils are available here: just scroll down to the STENCILS section.

So in the past few days I made two samples (for the border class) using the Multi Grid marking stencil.  The first one I did use a few of the Magic Mandala shapes.  If you want to see the stitching of the main components of this one you can join my Quilty Know-How FB Group (paid subscription) here:

The second border sample -- isn't it gorgeous?!!  The fabric is from a beautiful piece my friend Jodi gave to me, it is actually one of Jamie Wallen's hand dyes (I only cut a tiny piece off, yes there is more).

In my group I also share how I stitch the background fill on this one.  Here is a tiny snippet for all of you (if you want to see the entire video you'll need to join the group):