Monday, May 9, 2022


 Both my blogs have been relocated and merged into one wonderful blog. AND are now one - you can find them both here:

This change makes my world just a wee bit easier.  I'll be posting everything in one place so make sure you bookmark the new site.  Once you get to the new site you can subscribe to blogposts so that you don't miss a single thing!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Long time no type

 Well... it's sure been a hot minute (umm no) since I've posted here.  

Although I have been sending my monthly newsletters pretty faithfully... pretty much... almost... ugh.

Anyway... where to start?... my last post was November.  Guys... oh my... if I ever go that long someone send me an email with a wtf??   Seriously... yous weren't even worried that I fell off the bloggy earth?  

Okay... rewind to the monthly newsletter --  do you love it? hate it? could live without it? or... didn't even know about it?  If its the latter, go to the website and enter your email on the WANT UPDATES? and then press UPDATE ME... you'll have to confirm your email (it'll send you a confirmation email) and that's it -- every month (if I don't forget) you'll get a catchup newsletter with everything quilty in my life... new products, what I'm working on, tidbits, freebies, etc.  -- if you hate it you can always unsubscribe.  But please, don't hate it...

Where to start the catchup...

The FB challenge group!
A fabulous group - each month(ish) Jodi Robinson and I issue a creativity challenge -- participation is free, but if you want to attend the Spark and Recap live sessions there is a fee.  
We have so much fun pulling inspiration for the Spark session discussions and then during the Recap session talking out our projects through step out pics and lots of laughs - nope, we're not perfect... and it shows!

Here are a few of my previous projects:

Here's a sweet little post from one of our regular participants:

So, since my last blog post I've shut down my Patreon... what?  I know... but, I'm sharing as much as possible over on my YouTube channel - if you don't already, make sure you SUBSCRIBE, and also click on the notification bell so you don't miss any new videos!  

A bunch of new Gammill series episodes have happened (just click on the images for the full playlists):

I did sneak out to the Gammill Studio for some filming - it's always fun when we're there (a lot of work, but still fun).  And yes, I'll be sure to share everything about it once I'm able!

We did manage to squeeze in an evening of crafty fun - UV resin - so much fun!

So other than some client stuff (other blog) and loads of computer stuff (transferring files), and fishing (lots of fishing), that's about it.  No worries... I've just set a bunch of reminders so that I don't forget to post (lets just hope they work)!

'Til next time, happy stitches!!


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Wait... what?

Today is November 25, 2021... it is Thanksgiving.  
I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. 

We're not celebrating until Saturday... when everyone can be home (work schedules are sometimes crazy here).  So until then I'll get to drool over everyone's fb food posts (and maybe snag an awesome new recipe or two).

I have no clue where September, October, OR November went?!! Well, really I do, but it feels impossible that I haven't posted since the end of July.  Soooooo much has been happening over here.  I guess I'll just start the catch up, which may or may not be quilty - I'm sure pics will be so much better than words (and it might refresh my memory a little too) - feel free to grab a cuppa as I think it might be a long one (and totally not in chronological order... that's just too much to ask).

The studio has a new ceiling fan.  I know... whoa that's exciting.  But really, it is!

Then there was tons of class prep... powerpoints, samples, fabric cutting... 

I've been working on my latest book (and no, it is still not finished) - here is your only peek.  It will be a sourcebook for all things sashing.

So... let's talk travel...
between the middle of September and the middle of November I travelled four times... yes 4 -- that is like traveling every two weeks!

So back in September there was an awesome Gammill retreat in Hershey, PA.  I got to see my mom and sis and we all spent the day at Hershey Park... so much fun!  Then in October I had some educator travel stuff, which was great because I got to see my Gammill peeps!  Then at the end of October was Houston Festival -- I taught 5 class but it was oh so much fun!  Then some more educator travel in November (again peeps) and now it's now... no wonder my schedule has slide into the next month!  So -- here's some pics (in no particular order)
Why yes, that is a winter coat... brrrrr?!!!!

Did you every try teaching in a mask with a microphone... it sounds a lot like Charlie Brown's teacher... these face shields made a big difference in students being able to hear while I was up in the front of the classroom!
classroom nicely spaced out for social distancing

Ooh... I also created two new rulers specifically for borders.  

They are so cool - and yes, they come with directions!  They debuted at Houston and were supposed to be on the website as soon as I returned... soon, they will be posted soon!  But here's a peek at what they do: 

A couple of projects from my challenge group:

Ahhh... the new Gammill Professional Bobbin Winder... you have no idea how happy this little (but mighty) piece of equipment makes me!  This new bobbin winder is the bomb!  Super fast, perfect bobbins, and ultra quiet!

When I returned from Houston we started another tile project... right?  How could there possibly be any more tile to do?  Just wait...

The patio!  Yep, demo was the worst... and yes we had to scoop tiny little tile pieces out of the pool - tile flies everywhere!  We also needed to have the pool table disassembled (its currently living in the family room waiting for reassembly and refelting).  So more on this later...

And... NEW FEET!!!  Yes, the Approach Foot System by Gammill was waiting for me when I returned from my last travel event.  They are awesome -- well worth the wait!  Here's a little unboxing video I did

So in all that time I also managed to quilt five client quilts... not my normal but very good considering I was traveling so much!  You can see them over on the client work blog.

And I also squeezed in a few minutes on my Squash Blossom quilt... which is currently at a stand still as I'm torn between continuing the hand applique (slow) or switching to machine applique to get things done... also... I need to switch out one of the colors and not sure which direction I want to go with it... dilemma, right?  Again, more on this later!

I think I've covered it all... enjoy your day with family, friends, and good food!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Upcoming In-Person Events

Gammill ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat

SUGARLAND, TX - AUGUST 25-27, 2021
Click here for all the details!

Gammill ALL-INCLUSIVE Retreat

Click here for all the details!

International Quilt Festival

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 28-31, 2021
My classes:
Wed - Brilliant Borders (Not Your Average Edge) - Wait-List Only
Wed - Fill Crazy - Wait-List Only
Fri - Skinny Spaces
Sat - Surface Strategies
Sat -Build-A-Stitch- Wait-List Only
3 of 5 classes are wait-list only -- two still have a few spots so don't sit on the fence too long!
Click here to view all the classes

And if you don't already follow Friends at Festival, check out this awesome little article it shares a little about me as well as my classes!

Friday, June 25, 2021

A bunch of NEW products!

 Over the past couple of months I've been a busy girl... creating some super cool new products to make all our quilty lives a little easier.  Here's a bit about each one -- they are all available on the website.

CC RULERS the CC stands for continuous curve and if you're anything like me your continuous curves don't always look exactly the same.  Now they can!  Four shapes on each ruler (CC Arc, CC Angle, and CC Contour) and in two sizes (2" and 4") - available in a bunch of different options!

Here's a quick little video: 

INNIE-OUTIE OGEE - MOD SERIES OMG if you don't already know my most favorite shape is the Ogee... and while I've had Ogee rulers for several years now, these are new and improved and a super modern shaped ogee!  Each side is actually two different shapes - available in Even and Odd, or Full Sets!

Here's the Innie-Outie Ogee MOD Series video: 

EDGES the are for marking/drawing only.  But oh wow, the things you can do with them!  Available in 5 different sets - each set has sizes from 5"-16".

Here's a little introduction to Edges: 

I've so excited to share these with all of you - go check them out.  And, there's lots more new stuff coming - I'll share when I can!

Saturday, June 5, 2021


If you follow my blog you might have clicked the Follow By Email widget that used to be on the side bar.  It was a great feature... every time I made a new blog post it would send you an email - brilliant, right?   Well... according to Blogger that feature is being put out to pasture in the next few weeks.  As a result, you'll have two options: 

Option 1 check back here often to see what's new or what you might have missed

Option 2 Visit my website and enter your email in the WANT UPDATES box and press Update Me!  

If you choose option 2 you can be prepared to receive a little newsletter type email.  I try to only send stuff once a month (at most) because no one actually likes being slammed with excessive emails.  The newsletter keeps you in the know on what's happened here on my Client blog, my quilt artist blog, and also any new products or big news I might have.  And, if receiving them every so often gets to be too much, you always have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Creating something awesome from an old piece of nothing

So I had an old piece of decorator sample fabric... you know like a fat quarter size.  Doesn't every guild have a member that brings tons of these to the free table?  Yep, my guild does - and I have a bunch of them.

So, here is what I started with... dingy stains and all:

And after a super fun evening of creating and quilting... here is what I have now:

If you want to see all that happened between the two pictures (48 minute video), you'll have to subscribe to my patreon page -- there are three tier levels depending on what content you prefer to see.

I love using old unwanted things to create awesome new things!  Before it was just a little decorator fabric sample and now... now it is an awesome quilty thing!  And, OMG... it is my favorite ogee shape!  I'm sure this will hang in my studio somewhere.

Happy Stitches!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Glacier 2

I said I was only making that one modern quilt, right?
A few months back I decided to make another one... well, really a series of three - all based on glaciers.  

If you don't remember the first one, click here.

Let me introduce Glacier 2:

And a couple of detail pics:

And the back:

If you want to see some detail of how I made this quilt you can subscribe to my Patreon - (paid subscription).

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Monday is the day!

That's right, on Monday 11/9/2020 the second Virtual Quilt Show begins -- it runs through Sunday 11/15/2020.  If you haven't already checked it out, you should... and don't delay - the classes look awesome -- there are some live and some prerecorded!  I personally like the prerecorded because you can rewind and rewatch as many times as necessary during the week of the show!  There is also a forum as well as a 30 minute live Q&A for each prerecorded class so you still get some personal attention and all your questions answered.

I'm once again thrilled and honored to be included in this fabulous line up of educators.  Here's some info on my classes:

Inkedoodle: Feather - omg such a fun class!!

The Creative Process - have you ever wanted to design your own quilt??  Not like pieced blocks, but lines, shapes, and elements?  If so, this class is definitely for you - this is how I design all my quilts!

And then I have Fast Forward Feathers (sorry no cute video on this one):

So... go check out the classes - I'm sure you'll find something that interests you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

NEW Multi Grid Marking Stencil!!

So you all know I've had my Magic Mandala stencils for awhile now... well they just got better!  I had created this Multi Grid marking stencil to be used with the mandala stencils.  This way you could increase your rings as well as your shape placements.  Little did I know back when I designed this that I would also be using it for marking regular quilting!  So fast forward to now... I'm working on a border class and said to myself hey, those new Multi Grids would be perfect!  And they are!!!!

Here is the actual stencil - whoa that's a lot of lines... but also a lot of options!  There are more rings as well as more segments.  The rings are numbered from 1-15 if you need a little help.

The stencils are available here: just scroll down to the STENCILS section.

So in the past few days I made two samples (for the border class) using the Multi Grid marking stencil.  The first one I did use a few of the Magic Mandala shapes.  If you want to see the stitching of the main components of this one you can join my Quilty Know-How FB Group (paid subscription) here:

The second border sample -- isn't it gorgeous?!!  The fabric is from a beautiful piece my friend Jodi gave to me, it is actually one of Jamie Wallen's hand dyes (I only cut a tiny piece off, yes there is more).

In my group I also share how I stitch the background fill on this one.  Here is a tiny snippet for all of you (if you want to see the entire video you'll need to join the group):

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Post Christmas funk

I don't know what it is - I wasn't very festive before Christmas, the week between Christmas and the New Year I barely knew what day it was -- totally unfocused, zero ambition, just a lazy funk.  I'm sure we all get like this sometimes, but it feels like mine has lasted way too long.  I've managed to sit at the computer and work on new class power points but that's about it - nothing creative.

So last night I forced myself to work on something... anything!  I pulled out one of my Magic Mandala samples.  This one was fused, with a straight-stitch around the edges.  No, it's not my favorite method, but it is a sample and needed to be finished.  Okay... load it on the frame and go.  Go find that creativity...  I managed to get most of the mandala stitched.  This morning I finished the last ring of shapes and then did the background.

In the dark grey shapes I used Jodi Robinson's Circle Pop stencil, only using a single circle.  I then stitched around the Circle Pop into a tear drop shape... ahhh, now its a circle drop!  I also incorporated a single Circle Pop in the center.  When I got to the background I tried to emulate the circle pops into my wind and pebble fill.  I think it turned out pretty awesome!

Hoping this little bit of creativity pulls me out of my lazy funk.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Being productive?

I guess you could call it productivity...
I've been in a super lazy mood all week, but I desperately needed to get some of my own stuff done during this short break from client work.  I decided to work on a small quilt because I needed something to use for my Blocking Tutorial for my Quilty Know-How FB Group (paid subscription).  I'll jump ahead a bit here - the main motifs were stitched using my Elevate and then I did the fill and ruler work hand guided.  So here's a picture of the finished quilt:

Anyhow... let me rewind just a bit.  I have to laugh because when I get in these super lazy moods I tend to do everything to avoid what I should be working on... typical 5-year old behavior.  So, I was playing around in CS7 digitizing instead of planning the quilt, or power points and class samples for my new classes, or any of the multiple other things I had planned on working on this week.  But... creativity hit genius level and while playing I digitized the designs for the quilt - yay!  I actually digitized a whole collection! Here's the new family of designs - available on Gammill's Pattern Cloud:

So, that's the story of the quilt that was needed for the Blocking Tutorial.  Oh, and if you're interested in the group, it is a paid subscription, but you get oodles of information.  You can find all the details here:

So... now on to the next avoidance of productivity!