Monday, April 13, 2015

MQX 2015

OMG, what an amazing experience. This was my first year teaching at MQX and I am so glad I got out of my own way, dealt with all my stupid (yes, stupid) insecurities, conquered my nerves, and did it. Janet-Lee and Mary had been pestering me (in the best, nicest way) to get off my nervous tushy and teach. Thank goodness they were persistent, because even with all my anxieties, it was one of the most fantastic experiences ever!

I'll start off by saying I did not take nearly enough photos. I know this is hard to believe because I always take way too many!

One of the first photos - sunrise, shortly after takeoff

Why yes, that is IS snow down there!

I am kicking myself. After I arrived on Tuesday I had the wonderful opportunity to help Cathy Wiggins set up her exhibit. Guess what? Yep, didn't take a single picture! It was quite the experience though, and I'm really glad Cathy didn't mind me sniffing all her leather quilts - the leather aroma is fabulous.

And, as if being one of Gammill's Quilting Artists wasn't reward enough... here is a rare sight, Jearld and Mike (two of Gammill's best technicians) helping to load fabric for one of my sold-out hands-on classes. This is not part of their normal job detail as techs -- it just goes to show how much Gammill really is family!

My first packed-full hands-on class.

And guess what... SNOW!!  I know all of you wonderful peeps from up north have had more than enough, but for me, this was a real treat!

Here's a quick front and back view of Joey's quilt, It's a Jungle. The backing is one of Sondra Millard/She's Got Mojo ice dyes.

And thanks to some students I actually have a couple pics while I was teaching!
photo courtesy of Terry Burris

photo courtesy of Colleen Nunes
A peek at downtown Manchester:

One of the awesome honors that every teacher at MQX gets is the ability to award their Teacher Ribbon.  I did manage to wander around on preview night to find my favorite. I chose Inspiration by Lousie Brogan.  Her story touched my heart, as quilting was also a source of healing for me a few years ago.

Here are two more fabulous Gammill Girls, as well as peeps I like to call friends - Jodi Robinson and Gina Perkes.  And don't be shocked, I'm letting my greys grow out, we'll have to see how it goes. I've got my fingers crossed that it's gonna be really cool as they are only at my hairline around my face - what do they call them, wisdom highlights - we're gonna have to see!

Here's a pic snapped during my photo shoot with Bonnie McCaffery -- she makes you feel totally at ease.  I can not wait to get my head shots back!
photo courtesy of Gina Perkes
And a really cool candid shot Bonnie snapped during the shoot. I absolutely LOVE this pic!
photo by Bonnie McCaffery
A totally awesome wall mural of Manchester in the convention center

 Another sold-out hands-on class

And finally, one of my favorite creativity classes - Spontaneous Art Quilt.  I have to share that when I was explaining what we would be doing in class I had a bunch of open-mouthed stares.  But, ten minutes into the class there was a giant mess of fabrics and findings everywhere and the students were having a ball creating away - a few finished project pics follow.

I especially have to share this lovely lady - this is Mary, she is 17 and this was her first time ever using a longarm.  Mary Shilke (MQX) scholarshipped her into the class - totally awesome, kudos to both Marys as we must share our art with the younger generation -- they are the future of this industry!

Here are just some of the finished projects:

Like I said, it was a fantastic experience - a giant thank you to both Janet-Lee and Mary, as well as each and every one of my students.  I can only hope to be asked back again next year!