Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Gammill Day!

As if life wasn't good enough, yesterday my newest Gammill, the Vision 2.0, arrived.  You'll remember me talking about it here.

UPS Freight brought it right to my doorstep, really -

So then the hubby and son brought it in the house - it's a really big box!

The peeps at Gammill made sure that nothing was going to move, shift, or bump during shipping (this is after I removed tons of packing materials as well as the new cross track):

And then to install the encoders, H-lock, V-lock, and the tablet mount -- I did pretty good for being alone with tools!  And please don't mind the background mess (that stuff is usually on the nice empty work table I'm using).

And then after dinner, my happy place -- stitching!

My test sample lasted 39 minutes and according to the stitch counter I was at 52622.  I tried my favorites threads, tweaked just a couple of things, and realized that we were getting along quite well. 

If you haven't yet tried the Vision 2.0, you really should!!

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