Saturday, November 30, 2019

Spare Time?

Haha... spare time.  Who even has any of that?
I just realized that I haven't posted here in just shy of forever so I figured now was as good as time as any to fill you in on life and it's happenings...

I was busy with teaching on Gammill Quilting's Quilting With Confidence tour - and what a blast it was!  I met so many wonderful students from across the country and made many new friends!  The 2019 tour was an amazing experience and it is awesome that Gammill is continuing the tour for 2020 and 2021!  Check it out if you haven't already -- it is an awesome experience!

I also had another fabulous year teaching in Houston -- some more amazing students.  Houston is always my favorite, as well as the mother of all quilt shows.  If you've never been you definitely have to try and make it - you won't be disappointed.

I've been busy with client work and haven't really worked on anything of my own... just some hand applique.  In all of our non-working hours we have been busy putting down tile in our entire house - room by room.  My house has been upside down since April (we did take a long break in there too)... and I truly don't know where anything is!  When you're tiling one room/area at a time everything has to go somewhere else... and yep, every single thing I'm looking for is somewhere else! 

Here's a peek at my hand applique project - I'm using my Magic Mandala stencils and making a large mandala (the largest ring is about 33" across).  I had cut into my Tula Pink stash to keep me busy when we were expecting the last hurricane... and slowly, this is how far it has progressed:

I know what you're thinking... me and prints?  Right, I am totally a solid-mottled kinda girl - like tie-dye at the most!  But this is something different and  I did have to add some fossil ferns to balance all those prints.  Hopefully you'll be able to see it finished at the PSL Crazy Quilters Quilting in Paradise Show in February 2020 -- it'll be hanging in my booth showing how awesome the stencils are (among other things).

I have a super informative new Facebook group called Quilty Know-How.  I switched all of my content from Patreon and put it there, as well as lots of new stuff.  There is a $60/year membership fee - that is only $5 a month - that is crazy affordable when you see how much info you get.  I explain my thought process, draw out the quilting designs with you, and share just about every part of the quilt -- even stuff that goes wrong and how I fix it.  Each month membership grows so there are lots of people there sharing and supporting -- it's like our own little quilty community!  If you're interested, click this link for the details: Quilty Know-How Group

I've also been working on some new workshops and possibly another book... we'll have to see where that goes as my idea is still way in the early stages.  

Well, I think that's about it... I promise not to disappear for so long next time!