Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home from Houston

This year's Houston trip is over. It was not nearly long enough. Our plan of a full two and a half days was quickly shortened due to the delay of our connecting flight. And it wasn't a waiting in the comfort of the airport delay, it was a we're all in our seats sitting on the runway waiting for takeoff delay... with no A/C. So instead of arriving at lunch time, we didn't get to the convention center until later afternoon. But it's all good, we still managed to squeeze in a couple of very short hours on Friday.

This post will be the fun pics, I'll save the quilts for another post, once I've narrowed it down to my favorites.

The view from our room:

Oh look!  There's Elphie hanging in the Cherrywood Fabrics booth!  

The view at the Gammill booth:

And look at all the camo color options available from Gammill!!! They have a gazillion colors -- something for everyone.

And some more Gammill booth fun:

Nancy's first porthole pic:

So glad Nancy got a scooter... that was way too much walking for her!

The view from the 24th floor at the Hilton -- I can't miss a sunset now can I?!!

And of course, what would a trip be without a margarita pic!

Funny pic of the day... what you don't know is Nancy just poked herself in the eye with her glasses and was using the heat from the coffee lid for some relief.  I quoted it as "she's a little lid headed"...

And my favorite, rice krispy treats!

Some doodle quilting on Ole Glory!

Here I am with Judi Cogliati, my buddy from Queensland, Australia:

And two of my most favorite people and very dear friends - Sharon Schamber and Cristy Fincher of Purple Daisies:

And my name twin and very good friend, Karen Farnsworth. Hoping to collaborate with her on some stuff real soon!!

And really, a pink camo Gammill... OMG! I want one!!!
Why yes, that is a Statler, but watch what happens when you drop the belts:

Love this pic - me, the hand guided quilter with Paul Statler, the computerized quilting genius:

Look at the amazing hand-guide capabillities while stitching with a Statler!

And Nancy waving goodbye for this post!

More pictures soon, once I can organize the quilts and info cards into something post worthy.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Catch Up Time... what?

It's been much too long between posts - I know! So much has been going on over here - I'm still down to only the one machine. And with still being only one machine I have been like a crazy woman working on quilts. Working during the week on my already behind client schedule and quilting all weekend long on secret stuff for market peeps and a couple of other things (and no, I can't share any of that stuff - secret or other) -- I lie, I'll share that they were amazed by my quilting. I don't care who you are, hearing those words feels great! On another note, I truly have to laugh (out loud) - I've been posting my client quilts on my client Facebook page as well as my other blog and every one is like OMG you're so fast. Not really, I'm just quilting every hour of every day... it's like being an accountant at tax time. I'm just working really long days which online appear as being really fast.

So, back to the many things going on in my little quilty world. Let's start with the sample quilt I stitched on for Quiltworx - OMG, what a beautiful quilt. I've already posted it on my other blog with many more photos, but I'll share the full picture again here. This is one of the quilts for market that I am able to share:
Weathered Windmill - Quiltworx/Judy Niemeyer
Isn't is awesome? Click on the links above for more details. I know that you will be able to see this at market, it'll be in either the Quiltworx booth or the Timeless Treasures booth -- as it is pieced in Quiltworx new fabric line, Reclaimed West -- so if you're at market check it out and feel free to send me a pic! I can't wait to be able to share the other stuff I've worked on -- absolute beauties, hopefully you'll see them soon!

Next we'll jump to the MQX Quilt Festivals - Midwest show. I had entered The Thing with Feathers and also True Colors (aka White Lines). Honestly, I wasn't expecting much so let me tell you how tickled I was last week when I received the email stating I had won a ribbon... OMG really?!!

Let me tell you, the excitement I feel when reading those words never gets old! Unfortunately I wasn't going to the Midwest show so I was depending on my peeps to keep me informed, and they did! Turns out, The Thing with Feathers won an Honorable Mention - wooohoooo!  I love this quilt, but then, you already know that. Several of my friends snapped the pic for me (thanks again to all of you):

Ooooohhhh lookie there, that's a beautiful ribbon next to that quilt (with some awful fold lines)! But wait... the news gets even better! Turns out True Colors (aka White Lines) snatched up a Faculty Ribbon as well (thanks Linda for snapping the ribbon pic and letting me know). For those that don't know this about me, any choice ribbon (teacher, viewer, judge) is one of my favorite ribbons -- it means that my quilt was some one's absolute favorite -- how can you beat that?!! So here's a picture of True Colors and also her ribbon:

Winning anything on this quilt is pure amazement to me... seriously, super sweet icing. There were so many issues with  this quilt creating, quilting, the lines, blocking, painting, etc -- I truly just wanted to share her with people so they can see that mistakes and problems can still turn out beautiful! 

Now on to the non-quilty stuff. In all that craziness I did manage to sneak away for an afternoon of family fun - it was much needed and even more appreciated. It all started when the littles came over with a surprise:

One of those is mine!!! OMG, pure deliciousness. What started out as a quick visit turned into an all-day adventure.  It was one of those super-amazing unplanned days! Aren't they the best?!

Some of you know this has been the year of pool issues. We've been fighting with the pool since March -- chemical balance, crazy algae that wouldn't go away, broken salt generator, etc. I have been in my pool a total of 3 times since March... really!  It has been depressing, disappointing, I've actually gone numb to the entire pool issue. Well, in the past two weeks we have finally resolved ALL the issues - and yes, I spent yesterday afternoon floating my stress away - it was nice! 

Oh and last night I found out we are the proud grands of a little fluffer-nutter! She weighs in at a whooping less than two pounds!

I hope all of you have been enjoying life - both quilty and non-quilty. Til next time... 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just a little catch up...

That's all I'm doing anymore - catching up.  Come to think of it, I can't even recall when I was ahead of myself.  Perhaps it has never been?!!  Hmm, I might just have to ponder on that...

Until that answer arises, let's see what has happened in my little quilty world:

Client quilts - still behind, but working some crazy overtime (kind of morning, afternoon, and evening stitching).

Old Gam had a maintenance check up.  Well, it turned into a maintenance pick-up as she had to go away for repairs.  So instead of having my usual two machines for multiple chaos I am now down to just the one for a few weeks.  Here is Richard (Pat's Calico Cottage) prepping old Gam for her road trip for some heavy maintenance and new parts:

I finally ordered the purple fabrics for Lucy.  I went back and forth between solids or prints, it was all I was thinking about, but finally decided on solids.  Shocking, I know!  I ordered them from Cherrywood - the eggplant 8 step gradation - because yes, my Lucy will be purple!  I can not wait to get started on this!

Oh, remember the JTA field trip a couple of weeks ago? I had purchased the ladybug fabric for place mats.  Well, I made them:

True Colors was chosen as The Quilt Show's quilt of the day on 9/5 - that was cool!

I wrote a little article for Gammill on the AQS QuiltViews blog - check it out when you get the chance -  - I'll have a couple of more of these in the very near future.  I will definitely let you know when they become available.  In the meantime, check out the other great stuff on the AQS Blog!

I think that's about it... for now!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A little catch up...

Lot of stuff has been happening over here, most of which is client work (still behind) and the rest isn't too quilty (just causing more behind-ness).

So here goes, in absolutely no particular order:

I had a birthday!

My son moved into his own place - wow, yep, that one is kind of bittersweet.  I'm so proud of him and the man he has become and yet he's on his own... when did that happen?!!  I swear he was just starting high school last week!

I discovered I can charge my phone on the Vision 2.  I know, it's the little things, right?!!

I actually attended two guild meetings - here's one:

I managed to sew, yes even if only for one evening:

True Colors (aka White Lines) debuted at IQA's newest show Quilt! Knit! Stitch! in a special exhibition - here's a peek
photo by Janet Lee Santeusanio
This... which needs no further explanation.

And finally, the great news that two of my quilts were accepted into MQX Quilt Festivals - Springfield. Yay! If you're going, you can say hello to True Colors (aka White Lines) and The Thing with Feathers.
The Thing with Feathers
I think that's about it... at least what I can remember.  Til next time quilties!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stupidity reigns in the land of chaos...

or... chaos reigns in the land of stupidity -- either one works equally well in this case!

This title could easily be a weekly post in my studio - at least lately. Most of you know I'm crazy behind on my client schedule, if not, surprise! And by crazy behind I mean like 5 quilts should have been finished already, so those, plus the amount of time to catch up which usually doubles the time behind -- it's a crazy kind of scheduling math, one I try to avoid at all cost!

So anyway, I'm working on a super-secret project for someone. Yep, super secret. So when it arrived I opened the box pulled it out and said OMG... it's awesome and quickly put it back in the box. A little back story - this super secret project is for the wonderful Sondra (shesgotmojo) Millard, aka Mojo Quilt Designs. She dyes the most beautiful fabrics. I purchase some of these beauties from her, some just by chance, others I custom order.  Well... I ordered one early last month to match a competition piece I'm beginning soon. Here are the fabrics for my quilt - a bunch of silk dupioni that I've been collecting for some time now:

So I sent the fabric picture to Sondra as I'm beginning to spoil myself with custom dyed backs that totally match the fronts. Here is the amazingness she created (the photo is borrowed from Sondra's Facebook page):

So tonight, I'm sitting here wondering when the backing is going to arrive as it's been a couple of weeks now. Hmm... maybe? Yep, if I actually took the time to look at all the items in the super secret package (not just the awesome quilt top) I'd see that in addition to the super secret project and the backing for the super secret project, there was also my backing. Yes, it is times like these that I don't just feel dumb, I wear it proudly!

So here is a picture of my backing that I snapped just now:

It is beyond gorgeous.  Now I really need to get started on this quilt!!

Oh, and I can't forget the super secret project - no, I can't share it, but I can share Sondra's backing for it - amazingness: