Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ogees, Ogees, Everywhere!

So you all know I have Ogee rulers, right?!!
Well, I took it a step further and digitized an all-over Ogee fill!  It's available on Gammill's pattern cloud - here's the link:

Here's the funny part of this, I digitized the design using CS7 and then went to test it on my Elevate.  Well, being that I haven't cleaned up any of my return from teaching in Paducah mess I would have had to spend a couple of days cleaning that half of my studio before I could even test the pattern.  What to do?.... ahh, send the file to Jodi for stitch-out testing on her Elevate.  Yay, no cleanup or organized necessary, at least for this week.

So... Jodi didn't just do a test stitch out.  She went beyond that and added all kind of freehand stuff as well -- just check out some of the awesomeness:

Photo/work courtesy of Jodi Robinson/JR Designs

Photo/work courtesy of Jodi Robinson/JR Designs

Photo/work courtesy of Jodi Robinson/JR Designs

If you're interested, in my Ogee rulers, here's the link for those:

They are available in three sizes - 2", 4", and 6"

Oh, and these are my other designs available on the Gammill Pattern Cloud:

You can view a more detailed post about the others here.

Monday, May 28, 2018

MQX Midwest

While not my first time teaching with MQX, this is my first time at Midwest and I'm super excited!  The show is in Springfield, IL and runs September 19-22, 2018.

Here is a link to my classes:

There are some that are hand-on and some lecture/demos -- and some that are being offered in both formats.

If you're thinking about registering, don't wait too long, classes tend to fill up and sell out quick!  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wonderlust is lost...

So, if you follow me on Facebook you'll know that Wonderlust is lost.  Not like can't find the package lost... I mean lost.

I haven't seen Wonderlust in over a year as it has been traveling around with a special exhibit for Gammill.  I shouldn't say that -- I did see it hanging at a few shows during the exhibit.  Well, today it was due home.  I knew as soon as the doorbell rang followed by the quick knock that UPS was here.  I brought in the box, which looked a tiny bit squished on one side (not enough to even consider it damaged) and opened it up.  Hmmm.... not my quilt, but another box.  What?  Did Gammill send me a part or something?  Okay, a strange label on it, but hey, it's in my box, right?... wrong, in this strange little box, I found 4 valves.  Oh, wait, there's a packing list too... what?  This isn't mine, this is addressed to someone else... omg.... what has happened to my quilt?  Why is there a box of valves addressed to someone else?  What is going on?

Insert panic...
send a text off to Gammill with a picture...
ut oh, what is going on?  Right... that's what I'm asking.

So thankfully Jen (Gammill) puts on her detective cap and gets on the phone with UPS...
not a lot of info, but they are tracking every single place my package has been since it left Missouri as well as speaking with an actual person at each place.  In the meantime, I posted to Facebook.  Another quilter friend messaged me that since this had recently happened to her (no not the crazy someone else's package part, but the lost part) she had the email for the CEO of UPS... woohoo... I immediately sent that to Jen.

So Jen has spoken with the big-wigs at UPS and they are attempting to figure out what happened as this is so much more than just a missing package.  Either the box opened (or was opened), the quilt was misplaced (removed), another package was placed inside, and the box was re-taped.  Apparently, they are reviewing video surveillance footage as well.  I'm sure a tracking claim from corporate bigwigs is much stronger than an average tracking claim -- or at least I'm hoping so.

So much is going through my mind right now...
Did someone take it?
Did the box open and the quilt fell out somewhere?
Did the box open and the quilt fell out and suffered damage?
Was this some strange unexplainable mistake?
Was this malicious?
What the heck is going on?

So for now I wait...
hopefully, we will hear something back from UPS tomorrow - I'll let you all know.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Paducah was a BLAST!

I've recuperated from a week of teaching at AQS Quiltweek Spring Paducah - it was amazing!

My morning started out with a scare...
a drive that normally takes me about 8 minutes took an hour.  I was sure I would miss my flight.  The delay was the clean-up part of an accident.  I was fretting and worrying and then after an hour of nearly freaking out, I was finally on the highway.  Yep, I'll admit I was doing a wee bit over the speed limit at that point.  I did make it to the airport, only 15 minutes late... shhhh.

Here are just a few pics of the fun:

The rental car to get me and Michelle from the Nashville airport to Paducah -  yes, we were a little worried it would be green and we might find hamsters...

The first morning in Paducah - you know, because I didn't have any classes until afternoon, I still needed to wake up before sunrise??

A quick stop in the Gammill booth (of course) -

And I managed to find my two quilts:
God's Eye

Glacier 01
And then my first class - Doodle Quilting

And then, Build-A-Stitch

A full day of rulers in Pop Those Lines!

Dinner... Michelle and I went to Strickland's Seafood - it was great!

Then the Creative Process - these were some crazy-creative quilt designing ladies!

Followed by Functional Fills

And again... dinner, well I should say late night food and drinks with some awesome people!

And my last class, Scrollwork

And let me tell you, the week flew by just a fast as those pictures!  I was blessed with some of the most amazing students.  I hope to see some of you again soon!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Block Breakdown #9 - Kaleidoscope

It's time for another episode!! 

Block Breakdown 09 - Kaleidsocope (April 2018)
Kaleidoscope Printable

Okay quilties - don't forget to comment and let me know what other blocks you'd like to see in the future!

Every month on the Gammill YouTube channel I'll be sharing a different block showing several quilting variations.  I'll make sure to share the link here as well.  You can always click on the Block Breakdown links (located in sidebar) to check if you've missed any.