Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Paducah was a BLAST!

I've recuperated from a week of teaching at AQS Quiltweek Spring Paducah - it was amazing!

My morning started out with a scare...
a drive that normally takes me about 8 minutes took an hour.  I was sure I would miss my flight.  The delay was the clean-up part of an accident.  I was fretting and worrying and then after an hour of nearly freaking out, I was finally on the highway.  Yep, I'll admit I was doing a wee bit over the speed limit at that point.  I did make it to the airport, only 15 minutes late... shhhh.

Here are just a few pics of the fun:

The rental car to get me and Michelle from the Nashville airport to Paducah -  yes, we were a little worried it would be green and we might find hamsters...

The first morning in Paducah - you know, because I didn't have any classes until afternoon, I still needed to wake up before sunrise??

A quick stop in the Gammill booth (of course) -

And I managed to find my two quilts:
God's Eye

Glacier 01
And then my first class - Doodle Quilting

And then, Build-A-Stitch

A full day of rulers in Pop Those Lines!

Dinner... Michelle and I went to Strickland's Seafood - it was great!

Then the Creative Process - these were some crazy-creative quilt designing ladies!

Followed by Functional Fills

And again... dinner, well I should say late night food and drinks with some awesome people!

And my last class, Scrollwork

And let me tell you, the week flew by just a fast as those pictures!  I was blessed with some of the most amazing students.  I hope to see some of you again soon!

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