Friday, April 25, 2014

Gammill's got some BIG news!

Remember last month when I visited Gammill Quilting Headquarters?  If not, you can read about it here (it's kind of a long post, the Gammill stuff is toward the end).  You'll remember that I couldn't share any of it with you... it was awful because it was big, exciting, awesome news!!  Well, since it debuted at Paducah this week I can now share the wonderfulness!

Vision 2.0 is here!  I was lucky enough to help out on testing - there are some seriously awesome new capabilities with Vision 2.0.  I can't say enough good about it - some of the things will make such a difference in my day -- things that used to take time now can happen in an instant with the new My Stitch feature!  It is totally customizable!!  I'm hanging on the edge of my chair until my 2.0 arrives!
photo by Gammill
It's not just a tablet attached to the machine - it is total control with unlimited possibilities!
photo by Gammill
If you want to see and hear more about Vision 2.0 check out these videos featuring Linda V. Taylor on Gammill's YouTube channel:

So, if you're in Paducah at the AQS show this weekend, swing by the Gammill booth and check out the new system - you won't be sorry!   Were you lucky enough to try it at Paducah this week?  If so, let me know how you liked it - I'll share more with you once mine gets here - can't wait!

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