Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catch up - both quilty and non-quilty

We'll start with the non-quilty.

My Mom and Sister came for a MUCH OVER-DUE visit.  It was awesome, it was way too short, it needs to happen again, soon.

Here are just a couple of the things we did:

Shopping, of course!  On the way home from the airport we hit the new Palm Beach Outlets.  Great stores, I spent a little too much in Torrid, but hey, when it fits and looks good, you buy it!  Some other dollars went to Steve Madden as well as Clarks, and also Dress Barn.  It was fun.

And it just happened that the tall ships were visiting Stuart!  We did a quick tour of the Nina and Pinta -- some awesomeness.  If you're interested in the ships and their whereabouts, check their website.  Here's a couple of pics:

And then a slow down for sewing, yes actual sewing.  They (Mom and Sis) were attempting arm chair covers for my Sister's furniture.  Well, that turned into them shipping the fabric here for me to conquer.  So little non-focusing me spent the afternoon making six super cute arm chair covers.

Then we took a visit to the local winery, which I had stumbled on totally by accident, but I'm glad I did!  The winery is Endless Summer Vineyard and Winery, and you can check them out here.  And I'll share some fun from our visit:

No worries, there was some relaxing mixed in there too:

And on the last night of their visit we hit the rodeo at the county fair, one of our favorite things to do!

It was a great visit and I miss them already!  Can't wait til the next one!!

Now on to the quilty stuff... well, I can't really share much about it, except that it is totally awesome and can't wait until I'm able to share.

This weekend I took a quick trip to the mother-ship (thanks for that cool quote Pam)... Gammill Headquarters that is!  And that's about all I can tell you.

Oh wait, I can share this -- I found the poster of my 2013 Gammill ad hanging on one of the walls:

That's it for now... but there is big, awesome, exciting news... soon!

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