Friday, April 18, 2014

Two weeks already!

I just realized it has been two weeks since my last post -- when the heck did that happen?!!  I've got some catching up to do...

So when we left off I had won two ribbons at MQS - wonderful right?  Guess what?....

I also won two ribbons at MQX New England!  Pass the Fruitcake won 3rd Place Edge to Edge Hand Guided, which is great because this quilt had no plans of anything other than being a throw at Christmas time.  I am thrilled that it won as it had a few issues (yep even the best of us have them)!  But that's kind of the cool part of this category -- it's all about the quilting -- great for us lame piecers!!  I know I exaggerate, I'm not a lame piecer, its just I'm much better at quilting than piecing.

Here is a picture that was facebook messaged to me (sorry but it's the best I've got) - Pass the Fruitcake is on the right.  The beauty on the left belongs to Mandy/Yellowhouse Quilts - thanks Mandy for sending me the pictures!  Normally that bit of wibble in the border is unacceptable to me -- BUT... this quilt was never hang-tested (another not normal) - I finished the binding, threw it in the box, and ran to Fedex to have it there in time.  If I decide to show this quilt again, it will have a few adjustments made first.

My other quilt, Thought Process, received a Faculty Award (Pat Berry) - more awesomeness (thanks again Mandy for the pics), and thanks Pat for the ribbon!

If you don't remember everything that made this quilt, click here - it's quite the story!

So what else?  Some client work, you can check that out on the other blog.  And some macro lens fun on the new camera - I won't bore you, but here's a peek:

And then I finally made it to a PSLCQ guild meeting - I haven't been to one in ages.  I was able to share The Thing with Feathers and then it was shipped out the next day to HMQS along with Outta the Loop.  So if you happen to be at HMQS and see my quilts, feel free to snap a picture and send it to me!  Thanks!!

And I think that's about it... or at least what I remember! 

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  1. Love your work and you! You encourage me so much!!