Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just a couple of packages...

As if this week weren't full of enough packages already - today topped it off at awesome!

This was a picture I had posted on facebook yesterday:

It didn't include this box of four that I pushed out of the way:

It had been a week of quilty client packages.  But today, this was in the mail - no, not a clients, it's mine, all mine!

A super-squishy envelope!  What was in it?  THIS:

And if you don't realize how big this sucker is - 118" square, here's the full view in front of a two-car garage!

This was a custom piece by Sondra Millard - Mojo Quilt Designs.  You can find more of her awesomeness on her blog as well as her facebook page.  Just be careful, because once you start ordering you can't stop!  I bought another piece this morning!

This amazing piece will be quilted like a doodle-wholecloth (no plan just awesomeness) and used - I can't wait to quilt this!!!  Stay tuned, I'm sure to share more about this!

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  1. Can't wait to see what awesomeness you stitch in that glorious piece of fabric!!