Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Challenge!

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I love challenges so much.  I believe it is because the initial thought, the prompt, is already done.  The outcome - it is already defined, it is the *road map* that you need to come up with - that's the challenge - the part I love.

Cherrywood Fabrics - have you heard of them?  If not move the rock you're hiding under... go check them out.  Well, finish reading the post, then go check them out.  They have the most awesome hand dyes... they are like suede and they quilt beautifully!

It just happens that Cherrywood is having a challenge - an excellent one!  It's the WICKED Cherrywood Challenge 2014!  I am super excited, the colors are awesome, the subject matter - beyond coolness.  Although I have not yet had the opportunity to see Wicked the musical, I have researched it as much as possible without actually seeing it.  I am definitely in on this challenge.  So I run over to Cherrywood and I register -- just look at those fabrics!  I can't wait for them to get here... I also ordered additional black, you know, one can never have enough black fabric - and its Cherrywood - hello?!!  You can check out the details of the challenge here.

Now I've already shared that I haven't seen Wicked.  Have you?  What's your favorite thing about it? Do tell -  I have some awesome ideas and I'm already drawing a few things out.  But perhaps your favorite part of the musical might spark my imagination to run crazy wild in a totally different direction - please share! Unfortunately I'll have to wait until March 2015 for it to visit SoFlo...


  1. The music was awesome! It was a wonderful love story!

    1. Thanks for your reply - I'm really excited about the project and I can't wait to see the show (someday)!!