Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Loops Wins and a delivery surprise!

Last night, Andrea from AQS left me the most wonderful voicemail.  Outta the Loop had won 1st Place Wall Computer-Aided at AQS Charlotte.  WOW!  Yes, WOW!  I know, I don't use a computer, but I do use a stitch regulator and this year the rules were changed to include stitch regulation as computer-aided (I think they are working on this).  I was tickled pick.  The hardest part was keeping quiet until this morning.  I did share it with a few special peeps, including Eyvonne (since half of the quilt is hers).  She was floating on happy awesomeness as well.  Here is the AQS link to all the winners - congratulations everyone!

In case you've never seen Outta the Loop - here are a few pictures:

For those that don't know about this quilt, Eyvonne pieced this beauty and I quilted it.  You can read about the history of Loop here and here.  This quilt holds a very deep place in my heart, as you can see by my label (and read in the previous posts):

The labels are really cool -- mine is a tracing of my left hand (I'm a lefty) and Eyvonne's a tracing of her right hand (yep, she's a righty).   Loop is truly one of my favorite quilts, it has a little piece of me stitched in there, with more than a few tears.

So as if all that wasn't enough awesomeness for today.  Fedex returned my quilts from Quilt Odyssey. I opened the box to put them away and OMG, there's a ribbon.  Really?  Because I didn't even know I had won a ribbon. The Thing with Feathers won an Honorable Mention!  

I must say, with all the trials I've had over the past week with True Colors (aka White Lines), it's really nice to have a bunch of awesomeness thrown in!

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