Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's a collaboration!

I am sooooo excited to share this...
Eyvonne, she's not so happy.
I am an over-sharer, Eyvonne is not.
We are working on a collaboration quilt.

We... well, up until this point Eyvonne's been working on her half.  Don't get me wrong, I did help pick out some of the colors (that's my favorite part).  But now it's time for my *real* half.  Not quite now, but soon.  It's penciled on my schedule for the fourth week of October -- so as long as all my other post-it notes stay on schedule, you should be seeing pics by the end of the month!  WooHoo... exciting, I know!

Here we are showing the quilt at a guild meeting.  We wanted to share with the group how much quilting can change a quilt top.

The quilt is based off of Jacqueline de Jonge's "Elements of Nature" pattern.  BUT (there's that pesky but), I don't follow directions well, nor do I like quilts smaller than 40".  Sooooo... I convinced Eyvonne we should draft out the pattern larger and add more elements to the quilt.  Eyvonne started the piecing and then each month we would look at it, remove some things, add others, etc.  Eyvonne laughs now (before she was speaking sailor) -- this quilt has been sewn, unsewn, resewn, newly sewn... until now it is DONE-SEWN!  We arrived at the based-off of theory because of all these changes.  And... our quilt is about 80" square (before quilting).

Here is a full view of the quilt - in it's unquiltedness.  See all that negative space?  I'm drooling and Eyvonne is worried.  I think it is so funny when two opposite personalities join together to create - it becomes interestingly fun!

And here is Jacqueline's original pattern - visit her website for more info.

So yes, similar but different = based off of!

Now... the name!!
I originally wanted Bad Directions.  Eyvonne said no.  She didn't want any negativity attached to the quilt, or anyone to think that Jacqueline's original directions were difficult.  Hmmm... changing the directions of the pattern, that was slightly difficult, but not negative.  Then.... hmmm.... a few other names were thrown around, but I absolutely fell in love with Outta the Loop.  So, I'm claiming the naming part in my half!  Our quilt will be dubbed Outta the Loop!  I like that - I get to name, Eyvonne, she gets to bind!  LOL

Now don't forget to check back because I will definitely be over-sharing many pics of this gorgeous quilt!


  1. Can't wait to see the pics of it quilted. Love the Outta the Loop name too!

  2. It's a beautiful top and she has absolutely no reason to worry.
    In my opinion part of the point of doing a show quilt is to leave wide open spaces to showcase magnificent quilting. She will get recognition for her piecing. And you will get recognition for enhancing it with quilting that will actually be SEEN. It is the perfect balance for a collaborative quilt. I can't wait to see it all done!!!

  3. This is going to be so cool!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Eyvonne, don't worry!!!!! It's going to be great!

  4. What a great collaboration! The colors are beautiful and I like the reverse side just as much! Definitely a reversible quilt! :)