Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quilty Goodness

Did you know that I have a YouTube Channel?
I do.

There is a link over there ---------> in the sidebar
Or, you can click below and be taken to my YouTube channel -- if you haven't already, make sure you press the subscribe button!

You might wonder why I'm sharing this?... perhaps not everyone knows I share videos from time to time.  Perhaps people forgot, perhaps people didn't even know...

In the very near future I will be making some new videos using my GoPro while stitching away on the Gammill, it's like you'll be right there with me -- cool right?  Well, the old noisy, grainy, shaky videos will slowly be disappearing from my channel.  So, if you want to watch them, you'd better do it now!  Ahhh, that sounded a little demanding, what I meant to say was check them out soon!... or now!

Oh, and an afterthought - sometimes I throw in some goofy personal videos, feel free to watch those too, or not...


  1. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us

  2. I was already subscribed but had forgotten. My bad! Sorry. :-(

  3. Thanks, Karen! I get your blog via email, but didn't know about the videos.