Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Wow, I'm doing a few challenges this year.  That's probably because I love challenges.  Not just the competition part, the challenge part - the pushing my own limits part.

I'm writing yet another accountability post... they keep me on track and they let you all know what I'm working on!

Journeys Thru Art - this is more of a project than a challenge, but still, close enough.  I just shared about this the other day, if you don't remember check it out here (or just scroll down to the previous post).

And you remember how I said I wanted to try a new technique?  Yeah, not so sure about that -- still clinging to the greys.

Wicked Challenge
This is going to be a blast.  If you don't remember, I posted previously about it here.  This challenge is through Cherrywood Fabrics - go check them out!

I have my idea drafted out -- just a couple of quick changes and a few items to squeeze in and I can start on it.  I would love to share the drawing with you - here's the paper and the fabrics, but that's about as much as I can share right now.

Martin County Quilters Member Challenge
This year the theme is Music, Music, Music - I had an immediate idea and doodled it out and it was cool, then... dammit!  Music - what?!! I love music, any and all kinds of music.  So I sat down and started thinking about what songs mean the most to me.  Then I was thinking which ones would easily adapt to a quilt -- why, I do nothing easily, and besides, this is a challenge - who to challenge if not myself!  No, easy is totally unacceptable.  And the challenge doesn't have to be the song, the song is just a starting point for inspiration.  Well, let me tell you, there are so many songs floating around in my head right now I could easily create an entry for each member of the guild!  I am seriously going to have to work on this one and narrow it down a bit.

And for some reason I feel like there is one more challenge I'm forgetting about.  Oh well, when it comes to me, I'll share it!  Can't wait to share my progress on these with all of you!

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