Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green thumb - achy back

Yep, that pretty much sums up the weekend -- Saturday was full of green thumbing, Sunday was full of achy backing!  Oh, and I should warn you, if you're looking for pretty quilts it's not happening in this post -- lots of nature, but no quilts!

It all started here at Home Depot, with these beautiful sunflowers.  And I should mention that they still need to be planted, they are temporarily living on the patio getting watered daily until they find their new home in the yard!

Then somehow we ended up at a nursery looking at oak trees?  LOL - seriously, we have needed a large tree to provided some shade on the one side of the house as it gets sun from morning to night. So Saturday seemed like the perfect time - not too hot, beautiful breeze... you know planting weather!

While driving through the nursery we spotted the cutest baby weeping bottlebrush (one of my favorites), so on the truck it goes:

And home to dig!  Now don't let these pictures fool you, I was helping too.  Technically I was multi-tasking, because I was helping dig, cut old sprinkler pipes, get cold drinks, and take pictures!

And after those two trees were planted we ate a quick lunch and somehow ended up at yet another nursery.  Look bananas!

And some amazing looking cactus -- yep, I'll be back for this one!  They also had some beautiful elephant ear plants which keep calling me back as well...

And look!  Two more trees!!!!  A jacaranda (can't wait for this to bloom) and a dwarf poinciana.

So cute!  See that mound of grey stuff behind the tree?  That's Florida soil -- looks like sand right? Because it is!  We had to add 40 pounds of potting soil for each of these trees!

Now that was all day Saturday - the multi-tasking day.  Sunday was full of yard cleanup, palm trimming, pulling out of old overgrown massive palm bushes and dragging a bunch of stuff to the street -- and not as much multi-tasking... no pics and tons of aches and pains.  I'm not so sure this aging thing is great when it comes to manual labor - the older I get the less it takes to make things ache!  I have made the determination that being an artist was much better than a landscaper!

Sorry there aren't any quilts -- maybe next weekend!

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