Monday, May 19, 2014

Friday Fun!

Friday night was my create day with the cronies -- my besties Nancy and Natalie.  I was crazy excited for this create day because we haven't gotten together for what seems like forever!

It started with pizza - OMG deliciousness in a cardboard box!

Then we slowly got working on our project.  We were painting on fabric that had been treated with soy milk.  I managed to steal a couple of pictures from Nancy since she's the one who prepared the soy milk:

And I totally LOL at this picture every time I see it... Nancy's hubby must be a brave man if he is willing to drink yellowish-beige milk!!  And she's such a sweetie for warning him!

the beginning:
the middle:

the cronies - Nancy and Natalie:

And yes, I just got my haircut, but you can't even tell - the creative ponytail is already there:

And here is my finished lily - I'm not thrilled with my leaf, but I'm finished and it's ready for quilting!  I'll share that as soon as it happens!

And it was yet another great Friday with friends - can't wait til the next one!

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