Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whew.... a full day to spare (almost)

FINALLY -- yesterday all the crystals have been hot-fixed onto their appropriate places, and "Wonderlust" was truly complete.  I used just under 2000 crystals -- I could have easily used more if I had them!  You can say the bling has been blung!  Well, I'm fibbing... the quilt is truly not done because I haven't yet made and/or attached the label which I would be working on if I weren't typing to you!  Finishing the label is a breeze, I have a million milli-seconds  split up into ungrasp-able moments, squished in between the mad chaos I call everyday life, to get that done sometime today.  Yes, judging drop off is at 8am tomorrow, which is scary because I haven't been waking up until almost 9 everyday... that means the dreaded alarm clock... ehhh. 

Now I realize that I started this blog after I had already began working on "Wonderlust", and I'm not sure how much I shared on the customer blog so....  here is a quick pictorial view of  how "Wonderlust" got to this point... we'll start with the fabrics - batik, cotton, and sateen.

Making the applique pieces -- in case you don't follow on facebook these are the second set of little purple gum drop thingies I made -- the first set got lost -- and no, I still haven't found them!  Then we played around with placement to make sure my eyes liked what my mind had designed.

And then lots of invisible machine applique...

did I mention, LOTS of invisible machine applique...

Then to finalize (haha - I use this word loosely) the quilting design... antlers, all I could see was buck antlers -- apparently the fact that my husband was not able to go hunting in October of 2011 had a major affect on my quilting designs!

And then the quilting begins... and yes, for those that know how much I hate SID... when it is truly required/needed it is stitched... I refer to it as stabilizing stitching only because I truly hate SID.

Some more of the quilting...

And then begins the background fills...

And then the crystals...

So that is "Wonderlust" in a nutshell... me being the nut!  Hope you enjoyed the journey!  "Wonderlust" will make her debut at the PSL Crazy Quilter's 2012 Show in just a couple of weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot... the back

I hope to submit and be accepted to as many shows as possible -- I will definitely keep you all informed of where and when you might be able see "Wonderlust" in person!


  1. I want to ask you so many questions but they all are technical and you need to just relax right now. It is so beautiful! I am so thrilled to be in on the making of something so wonderful! I bet it wins a bunch of prizes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow, this is one show stopping quilt and quilting!! It really is a stunner Karen, and I'm sure the stress of creating it will be worth it all. Ok, I don't have a million questions, but two........... did you use a Glide thread for this quilt?? .....and, What type of wadding did you use?? Just love it Karen, take a well earned glass of wine and enjoy yourself.

  3. This truly is stunning, Karen! Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing your process.