Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Really? Chewy thread...

Let's start with Peaches...

Yes, she seems harmless enough.  She actually hates having her picture taken so this is about as good as it gets.  You can't see that she is 7 years old... much beyond the puppy stage. Also, what you can't see is that she is a collector.  She even has a stealth mode, you don't ever see her walk by with whatever it is that she's collecting. 

Like, for example, thread...

No, it didn't always look like that.  At one point it was normal, wound perfectly with a cone in the center lacking teeth marks.  This was after I heard that strange ripping noise... well, really I heard it three times, and then a loud crack (the cone).

I ran over and managed to pull the cone and several yards of exposed thread from her mouth.  She was not pleased, and was actually quite upset that I was stopping her of completing her work of art, also known as, this could be really expensive at the vet.

Just thought I'd share...


  1. Whew, mine haven't done the thread thing yet, but they did destroy an entire skein of white yarn, and were having a blast playing tug of war with it 4 ways! They usually like to rip and tear up blankets, or the corners of my quilts on my bed! URGH! I would rather have the thread than the corners.

  2. That's awful! She'll steal a quilt, but not rip one. This is the first time she's ever been in my room - now I'll have to be on patrol!

  3. Gotta love her though! And at least she doesn't hide her treasures from you.