Monday, January 2, 2012

2012... it begins

New Year... yep, Happy... yep. Hopefully you are too! I'm never big on New Years resolutions because I feel if there is something you need to change, do so - don't wait until January 1st -- do it whenever, saturday the 12th is good! Anyway... welcome to my first post on the ME blog.

This is my latest attempt in the ever continual separation of ME, the quilt artist, from ME, the longarm quilter.  TWO blogs... I've always posted everything on but now I will make a serious attempt to only post customer stuff there.  The ME (quilt artist) stuff will be here.  I'm sure there will be an occassional double post as some things do pertain to both, but in keeping with my separation of my own work and the work of my customers I think this is best. 

Besides, sometimes I just need to VENT... not all stitches are perfect -- some are crooked!


  1. The link above isn't working......LOVE the name you've chosen for this! :)

  2. Thank "Quazy", I've fixed the link and it's now working.

  3. You got me all excited to start a blog, only to discoved I started on in August. I just never wrote anything in it! So, I typed and typed and hit the wrong key and wiped it out. Now I have two blogs with no words on them, so I guess I will just stick to reading yours!

  4. :-) I hope this one is about life as well as crooked stitching. Lol have fun!

  5. LOL! Marilyn that is too funny!
    Amanda - LIFE will definitely be covered here!