Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super cool new toy!

Had to share one of my coolest Christmas gifts with you...

These are i-Kam Xtreme's - they are made by Hunter's Specialties.  What is it you ask... a tiny little video camera built into glasses.  They come with two sets of lenses, dark and clear.  Pure awesomeness if I do say so myself -- filming right from your face without having to use your hands.  It's one of those don't you wish you had thought of it things! 

So here was Test #1 - outside, around 5:45 pm not real sunny, and I couldn't believe the video quality -- these are going to be awesome for filming Joe hunting -- yep, outdoors they work fantastic!

Here is Test #2 - inside, while stitching on the Gammill (warning: very noisy, my dinosaur of a machine is quite the cranky old thing and tends to be loud).  Filming me quilting is going to take a wee bit more practice -- too much light, not enough light... there is a definite need to work on this and find a happy balance.

Okay, right now I'm secretly laughing.  I started this blog to separate my work from customer work and what's the first video I post... yep, a customer quilt.  LOL!!!  But I'm not really showing it to you, I'm showing you the video from my new toy!

There is definitely more to come from these little cuties, stay tuned!


  1. Wicked crazy awesome! Where do you get those????

  2. I know right! Hubby picked them up at Gander Mountain.

  3. Love it, that is some really clear video!!!

  4. LOL! Why did I think of Ethan Hunt and Mission Impossible?? Looking forward to you doing some more quilting ones. Do you really quilt that fast around appliqué????

  5. Amanda, my son calls them my spy cams. Yes, I really quilt that fast, but not all the time. I had already quilted around a dozen or so of those leaves so I was quite comfortable with the shape. Sometimes I'm moving a stitch at a time using a curved ruler (but now that wouldn't be any fun to watch). Many more vid's to come once I figure the lighting.

  6. Wow! I can't believe how fast and all over the place you are when you quilt! Amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your "spy cam videos" while quilting. . . is there a way to slow the speed down while watching?! Ha! Ha!