Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thought Process... again - and then there's Syracuse

If you've been here awhile you might remember this quilt, Thought Process

It is a fun quilt, and has received two ribbons - 2nd Place Mixed Technique Small at Minnesota Quilters (2014) as well as a Faculty Award at MQX New England (2014).  What you might not know is the horror story learning experience that came with this quilt.  If you don't remember and want to read all about it, click here.

So, even though this quilt had placed at a previous show, I still was not happy with it - well, as happy as I should be. It wasn't truly finished in my mind. So what do I do?.... yep, you guessed it, grab more paint! I mean, seriously, what could possibly happen that hasn't already happened?!!

I used SoSoft Glitter paint in all the feathered areas of the border. I also added it to some center areas that still seemed dingy. Here comes the scary waiting part.  It looked thick and milky and only some areas seemed to be drying. Oh no, did I ruin this quilt again... no! After a few days all the paint dried and turned into glitter translucence!

This quilt was now truly finished. I was happy, this was the image in my brain and finally, finally it was done (almost a year later) - and yes I'll still watermark it with last years date, because that was when the quilt was truly born (it just had a little work done).

Okay, what you don't know is all that painting happened back in beginning of March - I'm only just now sharing it with you. I entered this quilt into AQS Quiltweek Syracuse into the Whimsical category. I wasn't even sure it would be accepted. Well, it was!  Woohoo!! While I was away teaching at MQS I received this email:

Pure awesomeness!  The best part of all this - I will be teaching at AQS Quiltweek Syracuse! I just love when I'm able to be at a show where one of my quilts is hanging - pure icing!! Oh, if you might be anywhere near Syracuse at the end of July, maybe you want to check out my classes and say hi! Just click on the Quiltweek photo for a link to my classes:
Hope to see you there!

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  1. The painting you added really does make it sing. Good call!