Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MQS 2015

What an awesome experience!  I just returned home from four days of teaching at MQS in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  This is going to be quick and I'm probably going to leave out some really important stuff, but here goes:

I'll start with my view as I left Florida -- I know it's a weird angle, but the plane was doing one of those strange sideways u-turns.

And the approach to Cedar Rapids - a much different view

My Build-A-Stitch class -- these ladies were great!

And then the awards ceremony - here's me, Eva, and Jodi waiting...

OMG! Lucy won an Honorable Mention in the Pictorial Category - I was thrilled!

And props to Jodi, as she won First Place in the totally modern category!! Here's a pic of her quilt:
Grandpas Model Twenty #1 - Jodi Robinson
I had an almost packed house in my hands-on class - another great group of ladies!

Here's a pic of Lucy with her ribbon, and no, I have no idea why I'm standing like that... probably about to start talking, although I'm looking ever so slightly mischievous...

The Audacious Auction - almost full house!

There were some really amazing pieces.  Here's a pic of Jokers Jest while still hanging for viewing - along with my poor attempt to be Vanna White...

The awesome part of the auction - Claudia Pfeil purchased my piece!! 

And of course, Gina and I smiling for a selfie before the auction. She did a fantastic job as Mistress of Ceremonies. Even slipping in a couple of jokes!

And then there was this group of ladies. They were working hard in my Breaking Down the Block class!

My second class that day was Big Border Breakdowns -- can you see the creative concentration?

And I have to send a shout-out to the hotel employee that was filling the water in my classroom. They asked if there was anything else they could bring me, and being the Doubletree, I immediately said cookies.  When look what they brought -- a dozen cookies for the class! Now tell me that isn't top rate awesomeness!

I can't forget! Here's the quilt I chose for my Teacher Ribbon - it was Between the Lines by Vicki Ruebel -- such an awesome quilt!

Now an attempt to return to normal life... more soon!

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  1. It was good to see you.... wish we would if had time to visit!