Monday, May 6, 2013

Gammill and AQS Paducah 2013

Again I'm going to make an attempt to translate the blur of fun in my head into a clear comprehensible post...

I landed in Memphis, TN.  I know, I was headed to Paducah, KY...
The Gammill peeps were swinging by and picking me up on their drive to Paducah -- awesome huh?  Now that's what I call star treatment!  But, it also turns out that Memphis is a pretty hopping place!  It just happened to be lunch time so we stopped at Beale Street for lunch.  Now, don't underestimate the word lunch... more specifically, ribs, from the Blues City Cafe -- outstanding!

And then comes booth set-up -- yes, everyone helps.  It is a little crazy, kinda chaotic, slightly strenuous and kinda' sweaty, but it's fun!

And just to keep it interesting, I timed Doug and Martha while they set up the Home Pro table -- yes, 12 minutes - and that was while moving out of other vendors way and talking!  I did not, however, get a picture of the process... dumb I know!  

Also, what you probably didn't notice in those booth set-up pictures is that giant crate.  That was a little surprise for me!  In that crate was Old Glory, Gammill's special Quilts of Valor machine.  I would be stitching on Old Glory - awesome!!!  This machine has a one-of-a-kind paint job and it is amazing.  If you ever get to see it in person you'll totally understand.

And if enough awesome stuff wasn't already happening... check out the back cover of the AQS Paducah Show Program!  Yes, that's my Gammill ad!  Cool beans, huh?!!

Here is Betsey sharing with a wonderful group of ladies how awesome it is to stitch on the new sit-down Charm!  And, of course, the local news showed up, here's Rhonda sharing the Vision 18 on the Home Pro table!

Now, back to my purpose in the booth.  I'm a Gammill Quilting Artist which means -- many wonderful things -- but, I'm at these shows to share with people how amazing these machines are, and how much can be done with them.  And that quilting is much more than stitching a top to a backing, it is a true art form!  So I start with a doodle and then mark it on some beautiful fabric.  I tend to mark a little more than normal to assist my attention issues.  With all those people talking and watching, it helps me to stay focused and on track.

And then the stitching begins -- be warned, this fabric does not know what color it wants to be... it is purple, blue, or pink, depending!

And why am I always smiling?... just look at the evidence!

And, done!  Isn't it beautiful?!!  Don't forget, these artist quilts will be auctioned off later in the year, make sure you keep an eye on the Gammill website for more details!

and some close-up detail pics:

And here I am with some amazing women!  Martha (A Touch of Thread), Karen (Wildflower Quilting), Rhonda (Gammill Quilting), ME, and Betsey (Gammill Quilting)!

And... I can't forget that I had a quilt in the show!  Here I am with Flies and Weeds.  

You can read all about this quilt in the May/June issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine!!

So, since I finished the quilt a day early (again), we pulled out the all-over feather frenzy that was started in Manchester, if you don't remember, click here.

And I managed to finished this one too... this is my favorite so far!  I absolutely love quilting like this -- total play, this is when my brain is in a happy place!

On an awfully sad note, while I was in Paducah, my friend and fellow Journeys art group member passed away.  I was truly thankful that her ceremony was the day after I returned home and I was able to be a part of it.  Judie, you were an amazing woman and artist.  Hopefully I'll see your art in the skies, cosmo cheers to you!

Judie, you will forever be missed!


  1. Beautiful to see details of your work. Sorry about your friend.

  2. Celebrating your successes with you, Karen! Congratulations!!! Life is bittersweet at times, isn't it? In the midst of a bright sunny day, a fierce storm cloud can suddenly darken the skies. My sincere sympathies in the loss of your friend.

  3. Karen, thanks so much for posting this! I just love the "Feather Frenzy" quilt and you have inspired me to make one. Kind of a wild idea just to get crazy with the feathers.