Friday, May 24, 2013

Catch up between Quilt shows!

Somewhere between MQX Manchester and AQS Paducah my Mom came for a visit.  A much needed, long overdue, absolutely necessary visit.  I miss her, even though we talk on the phone at minimum three times a week, I miss her, the chats over coffee and cookies, the giggles, the scrabble marathons... you know the special things. Well, she was only here for three days so it was quick, but I did manage to snap a couple of pictures during our one day of relaxing nothingness:

 And just to keep our Saturday mornings fun and entertaining, here is Mari (my son's super adorable lovable girlfriend) playing with some dry ice.  We are weird... in a strangely fun way!

And I totally managed to do this -- even if only for a short while:

And two nights we had a critter on the concrete out front:

I know, you're all repeating it in your heads... red next to black is my friend Jack, red next to yellow is a deadly fellow.   And silly bat... wings are for flying!

And then it was Mother's Day - psst.... I ordered my gift early.  I saw this wonderful vendor in Paducah who made these totally awesome bracelets from vintage typewriter keys.  Guess what? ..... .... .. it just so happens that I collect vintage (cool word for really old) typewriters!  Anyway, there was a bracelet that said 2QUILT4$ -- wow, really, cause that's kinda what I do.  BUT... I didn't buy it.  I got home and kicked myself because I really wanted it.  Turns out I'm a strange sort of detective because I found that very same vendor on Etsy!  Guess what?  .... ... .. I ordered my very own personalized bracelet -- cool beans huh?

Mother's Day started with a surprise breakfast for me as well as Mari's Mother and Grandmother.  Then the kids took me to Downtown Stuart for a nice afternoon of shopping.

My hubby took over for the evening part:
 I had a wonderful super full-of-love day!

And then... the mower died.  Well, it didn't die, it just needed some expensive attention from the repair peeps.  You really use your mower a lot in Florida -- darn grass grows ALL year long!

So... hopefully you feel full of information and totally caught up.  Quilts?  What... who has time to quilt?  LOL, no really, oodles of stuff coming up -- and another post in a few days sharing all the wonderfulness that was MQS!

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