Monday, April 15, 2013

Gammill and MQX 2013 - Manchester. NH

What fun I have had since last Wednesday!  Exhausting, anxious, extreme fun!  It is pretty much a giant blur in my mind, but I'll try my best to share it all.

It all started landing at Boston Logan airport -- a few pics of Boston and Cambridge that I managed to snap on the ride to Manchester.
a tunnel... I have missed these!
really cool architecture
MIT !!

look... it's still winter!
The awesome Gammill booth:

And I was super surprised when Rhonda and Betsey handed me my big surprise - the beautiful products brochure with Wonderlust on the cover - it is awesome, amazing, fantastic... every possible adjective and even more!!

The awards ceremony - congratulations to ALL the winners, some beautiful and amazing quilts, as always!  

Outta the Loop managed to win a Faculty Award - pure awesomeness!

I did manage to wander around and see everything I just didn't have enough brain cells to photograph it all.  I did snap a picture of Dance 1-5 by Randall Cook -- this is the first time I have seen all five together, it was amazing!

And you'll never guess what happened while I was in New Hampshire... snow!  I do believe I was the only person that was excited.

So you might ask what my purpose was in the Gammill booth.  As a Gammill Quilting Artist I was stitching on an actual quilt that will be auctioned off later in the year.  Make sure you follow along with Gammill Quilting via the website or the facebook page.  There will be details on when, where, how, etc.  A different quilt will be quilted at each show - what fun!!!  It's nice to show/remind people that quilting is truly an art!  Following are a few pictures of the quilt created at this show - and yes, that is the most beautiful teal silk dupioni:

Well, it seems I stitched a little too quickly and finished a day early.  So we loaded a beautiful rayon batik purchased at Sew Batik (wish you could feel this fabulous fabric):

And a video taken by Carolyn H. of Cape Elizabeth, Maine -- so nice of her!!

This one didn't get finished, it'll have to wait for my visit to Paducah next week!  As well as another dupioni masterpiece -- I can't wait!

I am a longarm quilter, but let me tell you Gammill's sit down machine, the Charm, is kinda amazing!  Here is Betsey piecing a backing on it - she is a genius and shows us how extremely versatile this machine can be!

And then booth take-down time.  This is an amazing team and I think it was possibly a record take-down -- 3.5 hours!  Everyone helps out and it all goes smoothly!

I know that was really long and it was a lot of pictures but I just had to share it all.  It was a wonderful experience and can't wait to do it all again in Paducah -- hope to see you there!!


  1. Karen, it was sleet!! :)
    It was so great meeting you and seeing how you work. Have fun with all the shows!!

  2. The quilt is beautiful Karen!
    I love Sew Batik! They are just lovely folks and the rayon is gorgeous.


  3. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. Wish that I can one day be there.
    Saskia from Germany, also loving working on my Gammill :-)

  4. Karen, I enjoyed talking with you regarding threads and needles. Watching you work at the machine was mind boggling. Your brain works as fast as that needle sews. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow!! Your work is amazing!! Loved the video, that really showed how gorgeous your work is. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Karen,
    I must have been the other person who was excited when it snowed in Manchester!
    I loved seeing you quilt your wonderful quilt - fabulous work!