Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Say what... that's a lotta stuff!

Where to start?  It's been a month since my last post and that was only my photo a day recap.  Sooooo much has happened it's hard to summarize it all up, but I'll try.

I think we'll start with Lisa's visit.  For those of you that follow on facebook, you already know that Lisa (McLisa) and I are very good friends in the facebook world.  We are actually the best of friends (in real life) and talk/text almost daily.  Anyway, it just happened that Lisa was teaching in Atlanta and then had just under a week before she was teaching in Lakeland so she snuck in a little super mini vacation here at my house!  No, it was definitely not enough time!  Hopefully another mini vacation (or even a non-mini vacation) is in the near future.

And a nice relaxing day poolside!  Natalie joined in all the fun!

I even managed to get my besties autograph!!  This is her two page ad for Gammill Quilting.

We rescheduled our Journey's meeting while Lisa was here because she is, after all, our newest member!

There is some seriously awesome talent in that picture -- a great group of peeps!!

Another amazing thing happened while Lisa was here... my brand new Gammill was delivered!

See, I told you it was an extremely eventful few days!

Then... it came time to put a gazillion crystals on Outta the Loop!  So Eyvonne and I hot fixed our brains out for over forty hours! 

So here it is totally finished -- front and back!
And here's a peek at my label...

Somewhere in all of that was a trip to Quilter's Choice.  Vivian made sure I received my copy of Kaye England's new book, Spikes and Peaks.  The quilt that Vivian pieced and I quilted was featured in the book -- what fun, even though it doesn't include either of our names!

So then I picked up my April/May issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine and...
Stella Luminosa was featured with some of the other winners from MQX West 2012!  Its dark and kinda blurry... maybe it's a good thing I am a quilter and not a photographer!

And also in that same issue is my first Gammill ad!!!

But wait, it gets better!  The UPS lady brought me a wonderful package.  Gammill sent me an entire box of American Patchwork and Quilting's June issue!  It features my two page ad -- and it is amazingly beautiful!!!

I think that just about catches you up on everything... I think!  More soon, I promise!


  1. Wow!! So awesome, Karen!! I want to know MORE about your new Gammill! Is it identical to your other Gammill? So exciting!! Thrilled for you on all of these events!!

  2. So cool! Two Gammill's--you are getting so talented! Two hands, two Gammills!