Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yet another NQR post... no worries I am still a quilter and I am still creating amazing wonderful things.  This is still an artistic and FUN post and that is all that matters.  Last month I jumped on the Fat Mum Slim band wagon and started her #PHOTOADAY challenge.  What a fun time this was.  Some days I had my photo within minutes, other days it was a little more challenging.  Each day I'd share my pictures on facebook, but then I realized, all my blogger peeps wouldn't be able to see them.  I didn't want to compose a post for each and every photo, so I decided to wait until the end of the month to share them.  Some are stupid, some are creative, and some are just what they are... it doesn't matter, it was fun and getting out to take pictures each day was the main objective.

It starts with Fat Mum Slims blog, where at the beginning of each month she posts the challenge topics along with descriptions and rules. Here is April's challenge topics:

And here are my photos for April:
Day 1 - your reflection
Day 2 - color

Day 3 - mail

Day 4 - someone who makes you happy

Day 5 - tiny

Day 6 - lunch

Day 7 - shadow

Day 8 - inside your wallet

Day 9 - younger you

Day 10 - cold

Day 11 - where you ate breakfast

Day 12 - stairs

Day 13 - something you found

Day 14 - how you feel today

Day 15 - sunset

Day 16 - flower

Day 17 - something you don't like

Day 18 - hair

Day 19 - orange

Day 20 - something you drew

Day 21 - bottle

Day 22 - the last thing you bought

Day 23 - vegetable

Day 24 - something you're grateful for

Day 25 - looking down

Day 26 - black and white

Day 27 - somewhere you went

Day 28 - 1 pm

Day 29  - circle

Day 30 - something that makes you sad

So there you have it... all of my #PHOTOADAYAPRIL challenges.  Don't worry, there will be more to come, I've already started my May challenge.

Hope you enjoy!

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