Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MQS... honorably!

Yay me!  Last week, while at MQS, Wonderlust got some new bling... an Honorable Mention ribbon!  I was tickled, actually still am!  My husband laughs at me and tells me that an Honorable Mention is really "first official loser" -- NOT!  It means I did well, that my quilt was recognized.  Seriously, I am nuts -- my award could be for "Ugliest Quilt Evahhh", and I'd still be tickled pink winning a ribbon!

So here is Wonderlust wearing her new bling!  Thanks Claudia Pfeil for the photo!

I don't want to multiple-post the same thing, but I must share this one, which is now an absolute favorite, provided by Lisa Sipes...

Yes, that is Lisa (better known as McLisa on Facebook) crazy-quilty-girl-loving all over my quilt!  And if you haven't seen any of Lisa's work check out her blog -- although I would find that hard to believe.

In the meantime I'm crazy-seriously working on a new small wholecloth, not "Mama's Got the Blues", a totally different one.  I'll let you know more as I know more... scary huh?

Oh and also trying to "rush" my Journeys Thru Art projects.  So that we might possibly show them in November... stress "trying to rush" but in a good way, not a crazy-must-finish-way.

Have a happy day quilties!


  1. WHOOHOO!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm happy for you with your newest ribbon that you are adding to your collection! It's always fun to win "something", right?! :) GOOD JOB!

    1. Thanks Theresa, winning is always fun!