Monday, May 14, 2012

10 things you might not know about me...

Okay, here goes:

This is going to be fun!  Hopefully I won't scare anyone away with my freaky oddities.  Some of you may know some of these things, but I don't think anyone will know all ten!

I have extreme ADD.  Really!  Okay, that one was free and doesn't count toward the ten!  I refuse to medicate as it removes (kills) any and all creativity that is bouncing around in my head.

1 - I am ambidextrous.
I write with my left hand, but I am right-hand dominant.  I can cut with both, actually I can write with both but prefer my left.  I draw and paint with both, but prefer to eat with my left.

2 - I hate lightning.
Seriously!  Scares the sh*t outta me.  Not to freak you all out, but I can "feel" lightning in the air.  Guess that's part of my sensitive-ness.  I am getting better with it, but it has taken all of my life to get to the point that I can tolerate it.  While my husband stands in the garage watching it, my skin is tingling and twitching all over and must go into the house to deal with my freaked-ness

3 - I sleep with my eyes open.
Okay, let me rephrase.  I fall asleep with my eyes closed and then while I'm sleeping I open them, about halfway.  Freaky right?  It took me a while to figure this oddity out -- people kept talking to me and waking me up while I was sleeping and then acting all confused when I said I was sleeping.

4 - I curse/swear, a lot.
Sometimes to the point that drunken sailors tell me to keep it down!  Okay, that was one that almost everyone knows... but not quite, so not a freebie!

5 - I can out blink the air puff.
Yep, the eye doctor hates me!  It usually takes 4-5 tries and my total concentration to not blink.  I have a red sticker on my file... it's not nice, the second eye is actually worse.

6 - Favorite movie of all time... "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".
I love him, his silly voice, stupid behavior, he fits right in with the cartoon characters in my head.  I will pretty much stop everything to sit down and watch when it is on.  Now, I don't actually go out of my way to look for it on TV, but if flipping through the channels and its on, I'm done.

7 - Obsessed with butter cream icing.
Yep, and since this diet it is pretty much ALL I can think about!  I love it, could put it on anything, cakes, cookies, spoons!  I have been good and only had it once since my diet.  The hubby had a cupcake and I got the icing, it was heaven!

8 - Serious fear of fire.
Beyond normal... okay, just like everything else!  But I can't even cook on a grill.  Apparently, in a past life I was a witch and burned at the stake during the witch trials.  Really... too many things that we won't even go there!

9 - I am 5'6" tall.
Most people who haven't met me think I am tall, people have have met me think I am taller than I am.  I guess I just have a stature that appears tall.  With the national average at 5'5" - I am so very close to average, well, except for my weirdness.

10 - My love was the result of a blind date.
Joe and I met on a blind date, set up by his father and my friends mom.  Long story short, we met, had our date, and he came back at 5am to take me to breakfast.  We've been together ever since!

Okay, so now you know a little more about me, not all of it is weirdness... hope you aren't scared away!


  1. *chuckle* I enjoyed this a lot! Fun to know more about you!

    1. Thanks Dee, I try to share as much as possible! I figured why not share 10 things... only the hubby and son know all ten!

  2. You make me laugh! Thanks- oh- you appear taller because of all that hair. Some of us with straight hair are jealous. See ya soon :)

    1. LOL, I'm glad I keep you laughing, Margy!

  3. This is great and hilarious..."I can out blink the air puff"...very funny! Thanks Karen!

  4. Cilla May 14 2012 6:59 PM So you think this makes you super special?? Come & visit my closet sometime. Besides that, I'm taller!!!!

    1. Cilla, I don't think you got the point of my post. It was not to be more special than anyone. It was to allow people outside of my circle to get to know me a little better. We all have closets, I just keep my doors open a little!

  5.'re totally weird.....but I'm not scared away! lol

    And that was totally sweet about your hubby coming back to take you to breakfast! Yep.....that's a keeper right there! :o)

  6. You have such a great way of putting your thoughts into words! I love reading your blog!!! Thanks for the laugh! :)