Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Senior Skip Day...

Remember senior skip days, when you would just blow off all commitments and do nothing, well something, just not school.  Today I had a skip day.  I have a million and one things I should be doing -- class samples, handouts, taxes, paperwork, client work, and more -- but today not one of those things even entered my mind.

I have two bed quilts (not competition) pieced but not finished.  They have been in this pieced-but-not-finished state for far too long.  So I called the bestie and asked if she felt like helping out.  So we set-up shop at the kitchen table and went to town on a quilt for my father-in-law.  He has been waiting patiently since November.

On his quilt I had all the blocks pieced and just needed to figure out the layout, sew the blocks into rows, and then sew the rows together.  With help from Nancy it went super quick!

The pattern is Picture This and can be found in the Happy Hour book by Atkinson Designs.  I love the fabrics in this quilt -- blacks, greys, and beiges.  This quilt measures in at 103x88.

I even managed to piece the backing this evening, as well as load it on the frame!  This batik fabric is perfect!!

It's all basted and ready for me to start quilting it tomorrow.

As if that wasn't enough, we also pieced all the rows together on a king size one too.  You might remember eons ago when I designed this one - if not, click here.  And when I say eons ago, it was August of 2015 that I designed it, I'm not sure when I pieced it but, it has been laying around as rows for quite some time.

So here it is...

This monster measures in at 122x106 -- yes, we are major cover-hogs in this house!

I still need to piece the backing, which will be chunked from the remaining top fabrics.  And probably won't be quilted for a wee bit more.

I'm going to say it was an awesomely productive skip day, which will continue into tomorrow as I finish my father-in-law's much over-due quilt.  I'll post pics once it's finished.


  1. Love the colors of your "Picture This" quilt! Kinda reminds me of the same style of the one you did for me (albeit different colors). Looking forward to seeing the finished product, which will be amazing, no doubt!

  2. Love your quilting! I am so excited to be taking your class at MQX next month!