Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coming right up a while. 

I've been needing a new every day bed quilt for a while now. Funny, I quilt for a living and yet my current bed quilt is falling to pieces -- from being well loved not neglect. 

So some of you know when I buy fabric my minimum is like 3 yards. Hehehe, I've since gotten worse, now I just buy the entire bolt - hey, you never know, right?!!

So I've been collecting some word fabrics. I have two from RJRs The Chalk Line collection and one from Red Rooster Cottage Basics. Well, they don't necessarily match except that they all have words. Here's a pic to give you all a reference

Cool huh?  I say they don't match because I'm like crazy monochromatic over here. It bothers me that the light fabric is cream instead of bright white like the words on the black. And that the grey is a hue or two off. But I must remember this is not a competition piece -- it is a bed quilt -- in a few years it will be a shabby pile of fabric that's been washed weekly, slept under and loved, and I'm sure the dog will add a rip or two somewhere.  It doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. 

So this morning the pup woke me up early and I sat down and doodled the quilt. Here's the plan:

I really like it. Although the matchy-matchy in me wants to do it in black, white, and grey solids. I think that would be awesome. Perhaps after I conquer the bed quilt, I'll make it in a smaller version in the solids -- we'll have to see. You know, in all my *spare* time, hahahaha!!!

Stay tuned, I'll be sharing it as I go...

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