Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Today is the first Monday of 2015. I am in denial... it can't possibly be 2015 already.

December is a massive blur:
client schedule - still way far behind
family life - hubby had shoulder surgery causing more downtime
class samples - ummm, not yet
class handouts - they look amazing in my head
competition quilt - looks like neatly folded fabric
wholecloth - waiting for transfer to fabric
art group quilt - traced and waiting
and so much more...

My word for 2014 was reevaluation. I did reevaluate... time management, friendships, life goals. Lots of things. As you can tell by December, the time management didn't work as well as planned. Friendships have changed - some dissolved, some stronger, some remain the same. Life goals, well, I've taken the giant step of travel teaching.  For those that don't know, I suffer from severe attention issues as well as anxiety with public speaking (anxiety in general, but extreme with public speaking). So, travel teaching is a very big step for me. Hopefully my teaching style will work, it'll be more of come check this out than just do this type of thing. So in a nut shell, I am truly scared-to-death in this endeavor.  I have so much to share and hoping it comes out as well as I want it to... I'm sure there will be loads of arm and hand flapping and lots of babbling. Those that know me are giggling. This is me.

I don't yet have a word for 2015. Maybe change. Maybe adjust would be better. I'm adjusting not changing. Either way, once I know my word for the year, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Wishing you all the best that 2015 has to offer!


  1. The whole world of quilters is waiting for you to show them how to create beauty in stitches the way you do. You have more information than your students, so they will be fine with however you teach them. I am sure they are going to be so excited to learn your techniques. So, enjoy the ride- you will meet a whole lot of friendly new people, some who will become personal friends. You will see new places and experience lots of things that you wouldn't get to see as a tourist. So don't be scared- your work will be appreciated and you will be adored.

  2. You have so much to share! Try rhodiola, l-theonine, ashwagandha or other adaptogens. I'd love the opportunity to take a class from you!