Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stupidity reigns in the land of chaos...

or... chaos reigns in the land of stupidity -- either one works equally well in this case!

This title could easily be a weekly post in my studio - at least lately. Most of you know I'm crazy behind on my client schedule, if not, surprise! And by crazy behind I mean like 5 quilts should have been finished already, so those, plus the amount of time to catch up which usually doubles the time behind -- it's a crazy kind of scheduling math, one I try to avoid at all cost!

So anyway, I'm working on a super-secret project for someone. Yep, super secret. So when it arrived I opened the box pulled it out and said OMG... it's awesome and quickly put it back in the box. A little back story - this super secret project is for the wonderful Sondra (shesgotmojo) Millard, aka Mojo Quilt Designs. She dyes the most beautiful fabrics. I purchase some of these beauties from her, some just by chance, others I custom order.  Well... I ordered one early last month to match a competition piece I'm beginning soon. Here are the fabrics for my quilt - a bunch of silk dupioni that I've been collecting for some time now:

So I sent the fabric picture to Sondra as I'm beginning to spoil myself with custom dyed backs that totally match the fronts. Here is the amazingness she created (the photo is borrowed from Sondra's Facebook page):

So tonight, I'm sitting here wondering when the backing is going to arrive as it's been a couple of weeks now. Hmm... maybe? Yep, if I actually took the time to look at all the items in the super secret package (not just the awesome quilt top) I'd see that in addition to the super secret project and the backing for the super secret project, there was also my backing. Yes, it is times like these that I don't just feel dumb, I wear it proudly!

So here is a picture of my backing that I snapped just now:

It is beyond gorgeous.  Now I really need to get started on this quilt!!

Oh, and I can't forget the super secret project - no, I can't share it, but I can share Sondra's backing for it - amazingness: