Friday, June 13, 2014

Week in Review

Another week has flow by:

We'll start with the BIG news...
Thought Process won 2nd Place Mixed Technique Small category at the Minnesota Quilters Show.  I have to thank Gail Stepanek for letting me know as well as snapping the picture.

AND... Down the Rabbit Hole won Honorable Mention in the Art category!  Thanks to both Susan Brubaker Knapp and Teri Lucas for snapping pictures (I can't remember who snapped this one - but thanks to both):

Both of those awards were totally thrilling - I truly wasn't expecting much as I know how insane the competition was at this show!  I'm kinda still floating... and smiling, a lot!

I managed to find some time to work on my Journeys Thru Art project -- well, if you count enlarging the photo as working on it, yes, I did that!  Lucy is now 41.5 x 51.5, which doesn't sound very big at all, unless it's a face you're talking about, then it's huge!

And her eyes kinda' freak me out from the side, they look like crazy eyes:

I used the super wonderful to enlarge the photo - if you haven't used the site, check it out, it makes it amazingly easy to enlarge photos.  So Lucy is ready to be created... the question is am I ready?  No, not yet - soon!

I finally managed to finish a client quilt (details on my other blog) and it was pretty difficult as we've had storms almost every day.  Oh, speaking of storms, lightning has struck yet again!

For those that know me... this is the third time, count them 1... 2... 3..., that lightning has hit here. The first time it hit the house (not drastic, but blew up a ballast in the Gammill), the second time it hit our beautiful bottlebrush tree and broken an entire branch off, and now, a palm next to the pool.  And you all wonder why when there is a storm I unplug everything, and I mean everything.  I swear we are on some sort of magnetic field here.

Here is a really cool picture of one of the storms approaching (it's much nicer than the burnt palm tree pic):

And that's about it -- pretty eventful if I say so myself.  Oh, tomorrow morning I get to quilt my Wicked Challenge!  I'm pretty excited about that, although I can't share it until August... please wait patiently, okay?!!

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

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