Sunday, February 9, 2014

PSLCQ 2014 Quilt Show Day 3

The last day of the quilt show was really yesterday, but I'm just getting around to writing this today (I was a tired girl)!

I spent my last day of the show in Susan's Wholecloth Painted Botanical class -- super fun!  Yes, I've painted on fabrics before, many times, but you are never too old/smart/experienced/whatever to learn a new technique.  I always say the day you know it all is the day you are done.  ALWAYS keep learning, it exercises your brain muscle!

Susan had four patterns for us to choose from - I chose the pansy for my project.  It was supposed to be a little surprise for my Mom, she has millions, no, I lie, maybe 40 African violet plants and not one has a bloom.  I was planning to send her my finished project and tell her to hang it near the violets, perhaps the purple pansy will inspire the violets to bloom!

So here goes:

I was getting a little anxious as I was painting because the paint was reacting a different way than my brain was expecting it too (those darn brains can be such pains sometimes).  This was my first time using translucent fabric paints.  My friend Marian said it perfectly (because I can never find my words when I'm over in right-brain land) - I had to learn how the paint behaved before I could use it comfortably.  Perfect!  And Susan is a fantastic teacher, she was offering suggestions and asking me great questions in trying to figure out what my stresses with the paint were.  Once we figured it out, my little stresses went away, and it was even more fun!  I truly love the learning *roller coaster* -- you have the ups and downs, and when the ride is finally over, it was great!

I didn't finish my project in class, I probably could have if it weren't for the chatting, giggling, learning, sharing, questions, answers, and all the other amazing parts of the day that make a class great!  I did finish up my flower last night.  I still have the leaves to fill in, most probably later today.

I can't wait to finish, quilt, and then discover my next project using these paints.  Now that my stresses are gone, I'm thrilled and my little creative genius has been running around thinking of other amazing things!

Again, if you haven't already, please take the time and visit Susan's website.  She has an awesome gallery and many free bits of information -- loads of talent in that lady -- I am so glad I was able to meet and spend three creative-filled days with her!!

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  1. Karen, as usual, you are a genius at work. I have never seen you fail at anything that you attempt to do. Perhaps that is why you are so great at what you set out to do. To think that you quilted my quilt. One is better than none! Miss you, & the Martin County Quilters. TN doesn't Have them. Cilla