Thursday, February 6, 2014

PSLCQ 2014 Quilt Show Day 1

You've heard me talk about the show, you've seen the guild's awesome raffle quilt.  I have my tickets!  Did I mention tickets... this quilt has been a record ticket seller, and when I say record I really mean RECORD!!!  It was made by a few guild members and I did the quilting.  In case you are totally in the dark about this, check the website here!

Here is the amazing raffle quilt just in case you can't remember:

Well really it is Day 2 of the show for some of us, yesterday was set-up and awards ceremony.  But today was the official first day.  Here's a couple of pics of set-up day...

So today, I spent all day in a Susan Brubaker Knapp workshop - Paint and Stitch Peacock Feather. Make sure to check out her website -- great classes and lots of info!  And today she made the announcement that she will be the new host for Quilting Arts TV!  Awesome news -- congratulations Susan!!  Anyway, the class was loads of fun, loads of information, and I can't wait to take everything and utilize it in a future project!

Here's my day in pics:

Tomorrow is another busy day, hopefully I won't be too tired to tell you all about it!

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  1. Just a FAB show. A great choice of guest instructor . I might actually learn to take a decent photo after Susan's encouragement.
    Thanks for the photos Karen