Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the Market-Festival time warp

Yes, it is true.  During Market and Festival you lose time, hours blend, days blur, and poof, it is gone!  So much happened and I can't even begin to remember it all.  I'm short on words but here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

Set up day in the Gammill booth:

Just a few of the selfie/friends pics:



 And I managed to sneak over and grab a picture of Outta the Loop:

And here I am with Jacqueline de Jonge in her booth at Market -- she is the pattern maker of the original Elements of Nature pattern before Eyvonne and I modified it for Outta the Loop:

And this is what most of our time looked like:

And here is the first beauty that Lisa and I created:

And then there was some Statler fun -- what?... me and Statler in the same sentence.  But wait, the record feature is amazing -- this is just the beginning, but with what's going on in my little mind (as well as another mind which just happens to be way more organized) you'll probably be hearing me use that word lots more...

And here's a little video:

And stay turned for more good stuff in the future.  Karen Farnsworth of Wildflower Quilting and I have a few things up our sleeves -- super good things!

And I just must share a food pic... OMG, Pappasitos - this place was the bomb!!  I think we ate there three times and each time was better than the last!

Also, can't forget to share some of that Houston traffic and a beautiful sun.

Here I am with one of my besties, Natalie Carlton, before the awards ceremony.  She won Honorable Mention on her I Have Many Faces quilt.  I am beyond proud of her!!!

A few of my favorite people:

And some video to celebrate Longarm Month with John and Alex!

Gina stopped by the booth to say hi.

Here's the second quilt that Lisa and I stitched -- the left side being Lisa's and the right side mine:

Gina came back for the booth take down, we were totally responsible for staying out of the way!

And the perfect ending to a wonderful trip -- I saw another glory on the ride home!

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