Thursday, November 7, 2013

A while ago my friend Cristy of Purple Daisies asked if I wanted to collaborate with her on a quilt.  Well... yeah, of course!  She had been embroidering it for some time, and then it spent some time on the road hanging in her booth, and finally it found its way to my door in early October.  And, of course, it needed to be finished before Market.  Ready... go!

Before we get to all the fabulous pictures, here are the details:  the pattern is by Cristy's Mom, Sharon Schamber, another of my very dear friends.  The pattern is Scarlet Serenade -- Sharon has made it super easy for everyone to recreate her amazing quilt through applique and beautiful embroideries.  You can buy your very own embroidery design DVD here.

Now, to the pictures -- isn't this the best part!
All basted and ready to go!
Here's a peek at how amazingly beautiful the embroidery and applique looks:

And some of the quilting:

And the back:

And the full shot:

I am beyond happy to be a part of this amazingly beautiful quilt!


  1. Karen, you did an awesome job! The quilt was beautiful before, but you made it come alive! Brava!!

  2. DITTO!! awesome job...... Beautiful quilt and quilting!!! Thank you for sharing.