Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Impromptu sew day!

Yes, as crazy busy as I am I took the day off.  More about the crazy busy later (in another post) but more about the day off right now!

Tomorrow is yet another show committee meeting for the PSL Crazy Quilters.

Recently the guild held a contest for creating the show name tags.  Well, the one that won (weirdness there huh) was a badge nametag sort of holder.  And there were flaps and foldy things, and applique, and... and... and... kind of a lot of work in that badge holder pattern.  Someone made up a very similar pattern with much easier directions -- like the super simple version.  And, somewhere in the middle of all that is where Nancy and I landed today.  We created our own in a strange wing-it kind of way.  We were supposed to have these finished for tomorrow's meeting -- as part of the show committee we really need to set an example for the entire group to get theirs finished as well!

It was a great day -- Nancy had been up north for over a  month and it has been forever since we've sewn.

And after all day, two patterns, one redo, multiple goofy laugh-offs, two wtf's, and a nice glass of sangria, here is where we ended the day.  Nancy used a nice pink fabric with birds, bees, dragonflies, and all kinds of wonderful.  Me, I used green, yellow, and blue polka dots - so not me, I know, but it totally matches the show logo!
We both still had to finish the binding around the holder for homework.  Since Nancy went home I can only share pics of my badge holder.  I still need to add a little velcro to hold the flap in place, but other than that it is done!

Big deep inside pocket behind that flap:

Super cute clear plastic with finished edge of fabric:

And even back pockets for business cards and a pen:

Yep, that's it -- and yes, my straps are attached is the most basic way possible, but hey, it's due tomorrow!


  1. pattern for this? i love it iwth teh pen pocket and all.

  2. Are there detailed instructions for this badge holder? Would love to make these for a conference.

  3. How do I purchase a pattern for this from you?