Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clogged Creativity...

Do you ever feel like you have tons of creativity just below the surface.  It's there, you just can't access it, almost like its clogged -- just like a drain.  Everyday life is just sitting there like the water stuck in the sink, not moving, just containing the creativity so that it can't flow.  Customer quilts that need to be quilted, phones calls that won't stop ringing, emails waiting (sometimes for far too long), laundry piled up to the ceiling, insurances that need to be quoted, bills needing to be paid, taxes that need organizing, schedules that need updating, dog goobers on the wall (how the hell did that get there), dust bunnies so big you should be charging them rent, and don't even get me started on the unknowns in the back of the frig -- you know, every day life.  Don't look so shocked, you too have these issues, they may differ slightly, but they are the same issues.

Creativity gets clogged by all that crap!

In the back of my mind (similar to the frig) are old ideas that never got seized, new ideas floating and wondering if they will ever be born.  All over the house are notebooks, in almost every room -- FULL of ideas, sketches, doodles, words, thoughts... creativity in some form or another.  What I need to find is the balance between everyday life and the creativity.  I need a day with Drain-o... just to move the clog at a schedule time and let the creativity flow.  I also need an assistant... not for the creativity, one that I can leave all this cleaning, phone calling, and organization to.  We know that's not happening anytime soon -- besides, I'm a nut (really) and suffer from anxiety so if anyone tries to move my stuff, palpitations... okay, that's another post, another day -- and no, you will not see me on an episode of Hoarders.  They secretly created that show to keep people like me in line so that we never cross over!

But back to the creativity clog... I am making a serious attempt to finish all my UFOs that are laying around the house.  This is partially due to the clog, and also due to the fact that I am becoming a quilting snob.  I no longer want to follow commercial patterns, I only want to do my own stuff -- I know, wow, come back down to earth sweetie, the airs a little thin up there!  But seriously, I want to do more competition pieces and you really need to have your own stuff, or at least elaborate on a pattern of some sort.  See, told you... SNOB!  This doesn't mean I'll never buy another pattern, I have a long (very long) list of patterns I'd still like to make, just not right now -- going through this snobbish phase.  And I honestly think that by clearing out all these UFOs it will make room (mentally and physically) for new creativity to bloom - or at least that's what I'm hoping!


  1. I'd been quilting for at least a decade before it occurred to me copy a quilt (a 1903 triple Irish Chain from OK) and I've only used a couple of patterns (but I changed them). I fully understand the need to create our own designs even when they're variations on traditional patterns. (Now, the need to clear stuff out, I do fully understand--just haven't found time to actually do it!)

  2. Wow---I get the 'creativity thing' because it just drives me crazy when I can't get in the room to sew because of 'clogs'....we all have them just different kinds....And I get how you are wanting to do all of your own stuff...saw that in your posts...I figured I was on the back burner but didn't know how far back LOL....oh well, organization must come before the creativity can flow nicely....

    1. Hi Judy, you are still on my customer schedule as planned -- nothing on my back burner but my own stuff.

  3. Just want to shout THANKS to my two buddies that sent me long beautiful emails about this post. They were very much appreciated! <3

  4. Hey Karen! I know exactly how you feel! Maybe it's the time of the year! I've been feeling anxious about all the things I want to make and create some of my own quilts as well and I'm just not getting them done either! I follow a pattern a lot, but then like to put my own twist on it to change it up in some little way. It's nice to know there are others out there that feel the same way, so guess what we're feeling is normal so let's stop stressing ourselves over it! We just finished with the show that kept us pretty busy for a few months and now we need some quiet time to collect ourselves and get back into the creativeness that we enjoy so much. Every once in a while, we need to just tell the world to leave us alone and get in our sewing rooms and do what we love to do best. That's relaxing and fun for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. . .they are right on for a lot of us!