Friday, April 26, 2019

A whole lotta catch up!

I've been traveling my tushy off so now it's time to pay the piper and blog all about it... so fair warning, it's probably going to be a long post (but lots of pics)!

So let's rewind two weeks ago, back to MQX.  It was a blast (as always), my students were awesome, and I had a bunch of fun!

Let's start out with... S N O W
No, it's not something we see in Florida, but remember, I'm a Jersey girl and I really do miss snow!

Here's part of my class during a lecture/demo -- haha, I'm still a hands-on teacher - everyone had a chance to try something from class!  And apparently, this is the only photo I took in any of my machine classes...

A peek of me with my Prince Challenge!

I awarded my Faculty Ribbon to this awesome quilt - Big ASS(terisk) by Becky Everett - such a cool piece!

And a pic with Gods Eye and yes, Trippy was there, but I didn't get a picture with it?? - must be show brain...

 And, seriously, the best class ever - Dyeing to Cut It Part 2 - where we took all the amazing dyes that the students made in Cindy Lohbeck's class and cut them up to make little bits of awesomeness!!

And then on Friday night, Kyra Reps was using a bunch of us as guinea pigs to test out her dot painted mandalas - so we (the Gammill crew) all participated!  What fun it was!!

Oh!  I almost forgot... I had new headshots done by the uber talented Bonnie McCaffery - here's my sneak peek!  I can't wait to see the others!  New headshots were kinda a must as my grey has really grown in nicely.

So right before takedown, I had a few minutes to stitch... fun stuff!

And of course... takedown - I have the best work family!

So from MQX it was a direct (haha...delay, delay, cancel, new flight) shot out to the Mothership (aka Gammill headquarters) in West Plains.  It was our dry run of the new Quilting with Confidence 2019 Tour - and from West Plains, we headed up to the Satellite Mothership (aka Statler) - and also to the hatchery (Warehouse).  Keep reading to learn more about the tour, I promise, it's coming.  So some of these pics are mine and some are from others... and no, I can't possibly remember who I've borrowed them from, but thanks!  So... in no particular order:

So... the tour - Quilting with Confidence!  I know I've talked about this recently, but here it is again - you know because not everyone sees every single thing.  Let me start with...

I am crazy excited about the tour!
I am honored to be a part of this amazing educational team!
No, this tour is not a sales pitch - we have been working our tushies off creating educational content to make YOU a more confident quilter - whether hand guide or computerized, or both!

The tour will be traveling to 50+ cities worldwide!  The classes, schedules, descriptions, and location information can be found here.  But wait... there's more... you don't have to be a Gammill user, owning a Gammill is NOT a requirement.  The only requirement is the desire to learn and gain confidence!

So... here's the really important part - registration is open for almost half of the cities, and new ones are opening every few days.  Go, check it out, see if there is a city near you and sign up!!  Next week is the kick-off event in Kansas City -- I can't wait!  Hope to see you at an event soon!

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  1. Thanks for a great post. I love the touches of grey in your hair, but I have more than you, is that a good thing I ask?!! The headshot photo of you is fabulous.
    Your tour of Gammill's places of creation look exciting, you look like a happy friendly team. I love the name Hatchery for where the gammill machine are 'born'.